Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-19th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 19th April 2022 Highlights

After the heated nominations and some sarcastic punches. The house is back to its game and many things have happened in the house after the nominations. Anchor Shiva is the strongest contestant in Bigg Boss House. While Bindhu Madhavi is the front runner for the title race.

Nothing much interesting happened in the house today. Baba Bhaskar entered into the house with a mass song and entertained the housemates. Meanwhile the housemates imitated other housemates and the segment was quite funny.

After sometime Baba Bhaskar got up from his place and said that the six nominated contestants should come with him.

The Surprise Power-Suspense. 

Baba Bhaskar made the nominated contestants to sit in a sofa and said that he has a special power and whoever obeys his word and does the task which is assigned to them he will give that special power to them. Even though there was no special power for him, He just played along with the housemates.

For that the housemates got little tensed and started overthinking about it. Ariyana started making grand assumptions that Baba Bhaskar came with a plan and there is some serious issue behind that. She told to Baba Bhaskar that she won’t do that unless Bigg Boss orders her to do.

Then finally Baba Bhaskar revealed that the special power he got from the Bigg Boss is that he is the wild card entry and requested the housemates that it will take two days for him to settle down with the housemates and accept him in a friendly manner.

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