Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-April 5th 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-5th April 2022 Highlights

After the interesting nominations in the house. Bigg Boss housemates participated in the captaincy contenders task and many things have happened in the house as well. Let’s check them out in detail.

Most irritating person in the house

After the nominations during the morning time Bigg Boss asked the housemates to pick the most irritating person in the house. Here are the housemates picks.

  • Sravanthi-Natraj
  • Natraj- Sravanthi
  • Ariyana-Mitraww
  • Ashu-Bindu
  • Siva-Mitraww
  • Bindu-Natraj
  • Akhil-Mitraww
  • Mitraww-Anil
  • Anil-Natraj
  • Ajay-Mitraww
  • Mumaith-Miraww

The most irritating person of the house is Mitraww and she promised that she will take it in a positive way. Then Ariyana said that Mitraww should take things seriously in the game. She should stand for herself or fight for herself in the house.

Captaincy Contender Task-Chitti Gang

The captaincy contender task for this week is Chitti Gang. Bindu, Ashu, Ariyana are a group who work in Robot factories. The housemates are the suppliers, they have to grab the parts of the robot from time to time and give them to the group. The housemate will get coins on behalf of selling the robot items. Whoever has the maximum number of coins will win the task and get a chance for the captaincy.

During this task Bindu Madhavi was very negligent with her coins and Hamida stole them from Bindu. Sravanthi wasn’t able to play the physical tasks so she stole Ashu’s robot parts. When Mahesh Vitta was sleeping, Mumaith Khan stole his robot parts.

The game is getting interesting because every housemate is implementing their own strategy and this week captaincy task is going to get interesting and we have to see how the game will progress.

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