Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- April 23rd 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- April 23rd 2022 Highlights

The fight for the captaincy happened in the house and we have seen major twists and turns in the house. We have seen the value of friendship from Ajay and Akhil winning as the captain of the house. Let’s see what else happened in the house.

Captaincy Task

The captaincy task for this week on Bigg Boss Non Stop is the remaining contestants have go through a rope way and fill the jars of the captaincy contenders whom they are supporting. The captaincy contenders are Baba Bhaskar, Anil, Akhil, Mitraww Sharma and Shiva.

First Akhil was supported by Natraj Master, and Ajay. Bindu supported Siva, Anil got support from Hamida and Baba bhaskar got support from Ariyana. Ashu became the sanchalak of the task. Shiva lost in the first round and we have seen Akhil sharing his filled jar with Mitraww Sharma. During the task, Natraj master took two small jars and poured it in Akhil’s jar. For that Hamida and Ariyana argued that Natraj master shouldn’t be using two glasses but only one. But Ashu didn’t listen to them and as the argument continued she asked the housemates to begin the game again.

This time everyone should take water with one glass only. Natraj master supported Baba Bhaskar this time. In the first round Mitraww got eliminated. Ajay and Natraj and friends supported Akhil in the second round. In the second round Shiva got eliminated. In this task we saw Ajay stood up for his friendship and supported Akhil. Because of that he won the captaincy task and became the house captain for this week.

Now we have to see who will get eliminated from the house this week.


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