Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 2 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 2 Highlights

The nomination process in the Bigg Boss house has increased the heat between the contestants. The warriors and challengers are going neck to neck to prove their dominance in the game. After the nomination process was done. Things in the house just got a bit ugly between the contestants. 

Natraj Master Argument

During the nomination process Natraj master got most number of votes in the house and he just couldn’t take it. He took out his anger and picked up an argument with RJ Chaitu. Natraj Master argued that no one knows how to nominate others. However after the argument was done, Natraj master became emotional and apologized to RJ Chaitu.

Then there was a discussion like Good Vibes and Bad Vibes. Ariyana said that she feels good with Ajay and bad with Sri Rapaka. Even Akhil Sarthak felt the same about it. Sarayu felt good with Siva and bad with Anil Rathod. Mahes Vitta had some good discussions with RJ Chaitu and Tejaswi had bad vibes with Mithra. Natraj master said that he had good vibes with Siva and doesn’t like Sravanthi.

Captaincy Task

The Captaincy task was between the Warriors and Challengers. Both of the teams have to do a dare to gain points. From Warriors, Akhil Sarthik came forward to complete a dare about sitting underwater and taking breathe. Akhil said that he can do it for 30seconds and from the challengers said Mitra said that she can do it for 5minutes. But she failed within 5seconds itself and the task came to an end. The captaincy task is yet to come to an end and it would be interesting to see who will be chosen for the captaincy task for this week. 


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