Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 3 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 3 Highlights

The Bigg Boss Telugu Non Stop has been getting interesting day by day. As we all know that the show is Non Stop and you can watch anytime you want through Disney+Hotstar with premium subscription. On Day 3 itself, Things are getting heated up between the warriors and challengers. 

Hamida  vs Sarayu.

Hamida and Sarayu are in the team warriors because they have already participated in the previous Bigg Boss Seasons. During a task Sarayu tried to provoke Hamida by asking her about the person she is dating. Then Hamida felt uncomfortable and got angry on Sarayu. Both of them argued for a while and in the end Sarayu got emotional and started crying. 

On the other side Siva is trying to build a relationship with Bindhu Madhavi and started impressing her. But she called him brother which stopped all his impression techniques.

Then Bigg Boss started an interesting game in the house. Which is Spin the wheel. A marker is kept on the wheel. The person who gets pointed by the marker have to answer some private questions asked by BB. This task is called BB No Filter task.

Questions and Answers.

1)If you get a chance to date one of your ex-partners. Who would it be?

Bindu Madhavi answered to this question by saying that she will date her college friend who was also her first love.

2)Were you a toxic partner in your relationships?

For this Tejaswi said that she has parted ways with her partners only because of her toxicity.

3)Did you ever think to leave a relationship when its not working out?

For this question, Mumait Khan answered that she has moved on from the relationship when her partner asked for space.

4)What’s the worst advice you received?

Sravanthi answered to this question by saying that she has a received a worst advice which is her teeth are not looking nice.

5)Are you a good kisser?

Akhil Sarthak answered that he is a good kisser and his ex mentioned that many times. 

6)Did you ever date a married woman?

For this Siva answered and said that he has dated a married woman.

7)Did you ever date two persons at a time?

Ashu Reddy answered for this question and said that she has done this many times.

8)Did you ever give bad advice to someone?

For this natraj master answered and said that he always gives advice to the people. 

The segment was interesting and funny. The answers were bold and honest as well. The Bigg Boss Non Stop is getting slow engagement from the audience and soon it will become popular.


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