Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 4 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 4 Highlights

The Warriors and Challengers are fighting neck to neck for the captaincy position. The experienced warriors are always ahead of the challengers. Today Bigg Boss gave them another challenge which is called Sticker Attack. Three member from each time should paste the stickers on others in garden area while they have to escape from them. 

Sticker Attack

Round 1: From the warriors team Ashu Reddy, Sarayu and Natraj master came forward. From the challengers team Sri Rapaka, Anil Rathod and Bindu Madhavi. The winners of the first round were warriors.

Round 2: From the warriors team Akhil Sarthak, Sarayu and Natraj participated and from the challengers team Ajay, Anil and Sravanthi played the game. In this round Challengers won the task.

Round 3: From Challengers Ajay, Anil and Sravanthi. From Warriors Akhil, Ariyana and Natraj master. The overall winners of the task are Warriors. 

Meanwhile during the game, Siva was the sanchalak from team challengers and he provoked Natraj master and as usual Natraj master couldn’t handle his anger and yelled at Siva. At one point it looked like they were going to fight with each other but the house controlled the situation. 

Captaincy Contenders

Mahesh Vitta, Tejaswi, Sarayu, Natraj master will fight for the captaincy. 

Then Bigg Boss asked the warriors team to share the experience and mistakes they have done during their stay in the Bigg Boss house.

Akhil Sarthak said that he was very serious in the game and didn’t smile even a bit. And he also clarified that there was no love track between him and Monal.

Ariyana said that she didn’t have any regrets during her stay. But she had little fights with Sohel. This time she said that she will enjoy a lot.

Tejaswi said that she was weak and needed support. Her weak side was brought out by others. So this time she wouldn’t bring out her weak side and this time she won’t repeat the same mistake.

Mahesh Vitta said that the biggest mistake he did in the bigg boss house was when he asked them to open the door to go out. His confidence was less at that time. This time he is back with confidence.

Mumiath Khan said that she had some communication problems last time. She want to make connections in this season.

Natraj Master said that he was stuck in a lot of tough situations in the last season. This time he will give a tough fight to everybody. 


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