Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 5 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Day 5 Highlights

From now onwards Bigg Boss Telugu OTT will be telecasted a day after the show is done. As of now the show is running towards completing the first big task of the house. But before that the housemates have played a fun task with random objects. 

There was a slight disturbance between Ariyana and Ashu Reddy. During a game Ashu reddy threw her slipper at Ariyana that she didn’t like. They talked about it calmly and Ashu Reddy has apologized to Ariyana.

Vintha Vasthuvulu Task

This task is designed to decide the captaincy contenders in the house. In this task, A buzzer will be kept at multiple places in the house. Whenever the siren is played, Each team can ring the buzzer. After that one from each time have to participate in a task where they have find a thermacol balls hidden somewhere in the house.

In this task, The Experienced team warriors won the task. The game went like this, In round one Sarayu and Siva played opposite each other. Round two was played by Hamida and Mitra. Round 3 was played by Ashu Reddy and Mitra/ Round 4 was between RJ Chaitu and Ariyana. Round 5 was played by Akhil and Ajay. In all the rounds the experienced housemates won the tasks.

Now we head towards the captaincy contenders task and soon we will be getting the first captain of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. As of now, The captaincy contenders are Natraj, Akhil, Sarayu, Tejaswi, Mahesh Vitta and Ariyana. 


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