Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- March 23rd 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT-March 23rd 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Season is in the fourth week and things are getting interesting in the house day by day. Yesterday we have seen Siva stealing Ariyana likes while everyone were asleep. What happened after that? Let’s check it out.

Siva steals from Ariyana.

While everyone were asleep in the house. Siva stole some likes from Ariyana and remained silent. When Ariyana found out about that her likes were stolen, She asked everybody. Siva remained silent and said that he didn’t steal them. However later on he felt guilty and gave back the likes to her.

Natraj master slaps himself

Natraj master stayed awake whole night to grab the likes which fell on the shed. After trying a lot, He collected them and he wanted to be the captaincy contender for this week. But during the game, more than 20likes fell down from his cloth. Then Hamida grabbed them all and remained silent. Natraj master went and asked her but Hamida didn’t say anything. Then Natraj master got angry and slapped himself.

Meanwhile Anil got the super like which means the likes will get doubled and Mahesh got the killer like which means he has to give half of his likes to Sarayu.

Followers task

The second level of the captaincy contenders task is. There are three segments in this level which are Comedy, Drama and Romance. The housemates have to perform some skits and impress the housemates to get follow badges. Whoever gets the least badges will be out of the game.

Tejaswi, Bindu Madhavi and Siva performed comedy skit. Natraj, Sarayu, Hamida, Anil and Ariyana performed drama skit. Ashu, Ajay, Akhil and Mitra romantic skit.

Here are the number of followers badges that housemates got.

Siva is the highest with 9 followers. Ajay: 5, Akhil:4, Natraj: 4, Ashu: 4, Tejaswi: 3, Hamida: 2, Sarayu: 2, Ariyana: 2, Anil: 1, Bindu Madhavi: 0

Because Bindu Madhavi got the least followers. She was eliminated from the game.

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