Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 10 Day 9 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 10 Day 9 Highlights

After the heated nominations segment in the house, the housemates are now geared up for the captaincy contenders task. Whoever performs better in the task will get an opportunity to become a captain and if somebody is in the nominations they have chance to prove themselves worthy in the house to the audience. So let’s see what happened in the house today.

Captaincy Contenders Task- Sisindri.

The Second week captaincy contenders task is called Sisindri. In this task, the housemates were given dolls and the housemates have to take care of dolls as their babies and take part in various challenges from time to time. Whenever the buzzer rings, the housemates have to place the dolls in the cradles that are arranged in the area and in every round, only five members are allowed to play the challenges.

Round 1 of the challenge

In the first round, Chanti, Revanth, Faima, Arohi and Geethu got a chance to take part in the challenge. In this first challenge, the participants have to hop in to a bag and they have to pick up the shapes and place in the empty places. Whoever completes the task first is the winner and gets a chance to fight for captaincy. In this challenge, Chanti emerged as the winner of the game.

During this task, Faima didn’t want Revanth to win the game. So she became a hurdle during the game for Revanth’s Victory. Revanth was really upset with the same but he cooled down after sometime.

Round 2 of the challenge

In the second round, the contestants who got opportunity to qualify for captaincy are Arjun Kalyan, Faima, Inaya, Arohi and Keerthi Bhat. In this task, Revanth helped Faima to win the second round. Right now there are two captaincy contenders for this week and tomorrow the game will continue even more.

Out of the game

Before starting the game, Bigg Boss clearly mentioned that if any housemate leaves their doll unattended then the other housemates can place them in the left out zone. Taking advantage of this situation, Geethu made full advantage of this situation and threw Revanth, Sri Satya, and Abhinaya out of the game. Even though they protested against it, but the rules are rules in Bigg Boss House.

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