Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 4 Day 3 Highlights

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote nominations episodes is one of the most interesting and thrilling aspects of the show. The first nominations were not boring, there were some unexpected twists, spate of words.

Issues of a couple in the house.

Marina and Rohit entered the Bigg Boss house as the couple was having some issues. Marina feels that Rohit isn’t giving her time, and not giving her a hug as well. But the biggest twist came in the middle which is Bigg Boss announcing that both of them will be considered as single contestant. That is even if one of them is nominated then both are nominations.

Nomination Process in the house.

Geethu, Adi Reddy, and Neha Chaudhary are already in the safe house because they belong to the class team. While Bala Aditya, Abhinaya Sri, and Inaya Sultana are directly nominated because they are in the trash team. The class team had a power with them, which is they can swap any member from the trash team and save them from nomination and nominate that swapped person. So the class team discussed in detail and saved Bala Aditya and nominated Arohi in his place.

After a lot of arguments and issues, Seven people were nominated in the house and they are Arohi, Inaya, Abhinaya Sri, Singer Revanth, Faima, Sri Satya, and Chalaki Chanti. The nomination process went on like this, the contestants have to write the name of the nominated person and throw that paper in the flush.


Chalaki Chanti who is known for his comedy punches gave a clear explanation to everyone in the house. Most of the contestants nominated Chanti for not working at home. Chanti said that everyone is doing the work in the house, but they did not take the bathroom duty. He was doing that bathroom duty. He mentioned that when one is doing a job… he cannot do the same thing again for showing in front of the cameras. He added fun to it, that’s why the argument looked interesting and funny at the same time.

The voting lines started from Wednesday and they will end on Friday Midnight. The same process will be repeated every week and you can vote for your favorite contestants on Hotstar and you can also send your votes through SMS.

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