Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 7 Highlights: Sunday Is Funday In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 first Sunday is here and it was really a fun day in the house. Nagarjuna gave a grand entry to an amazing song and as usual, Nagarjuna is looking very good in his new look. Immediately Nagarjuna took the audience to MaNa TV to interact with the temporary housemates except Sandeep Master.

Sandeep Master Becomes Emotional

Nagarjuna congratulated Sandeep Master for becoming the first confirmed housemate of the house. Then Nagarjuna gave a surprise to him that is VIP room is unlocked with the Power Astra. Nagarjuna gave a slight warning as well, as Sandeep got 5 weeks of immunity if he didn’t perform well in the tasks. There is a battery in the house, if the battery comes down to Red then Sandeep will lose the immunity.

Then Sandeep dedicated this power astra to his son. Then Nagarjuna said if he dedicates this astra to someone he will lose the power of it. Still Sandeep master fixed his mind that he will dedicate this to his son. Nagarjuna just joked to test his character and Sandeep became very emotional.

Hide and Snake

Housemates were called to the activity room, the tasks are between the girls and boys. In this game, the girls have to tie gungroo to their feet and one of the boys have to be blindfolded and they will have a snake in their hand. If they manage to touch anyone with the snake, then the contestant will be out.

The vice versa happens when girls get blindfolded in the game. In this game, girls won the task and Subhasree performed really good in the game and eliminated 4 boys in the game.

Shoba Shetty and Rathika Rose are Safe

The first safe process of the house has been done. In this one, the nominated contestants were given small coffins. If they get skeletons, then they are not safe. If they get rose petals then they are safe. Shoba Shetty and Rathika Rose got rose petals and they became safe in the house.

Memes On Housemates

The first meme itself was on Shoba Shetty. It was Shoba Shetty with reel Doctor Babu Karthik and real Doctor babu, Gautam Krishna.

Heart and the X moments

Housemates shared the beautiful moments in the house which they want to remember and cherish for a long time. The X moments are the ones that they want to forget in the house.

It was really a good moment in the house and they shared some beautiful moments in the house and also some moments which they wanted to forget in the house.

The Kings Meter In The House

Nagarjuna introduced a new term, Kings Meter in the house. It is a green-to-red clock-like thing. Every week Nagarjuna will review the housemate’s performance and give their scores accordingly as their performance. This is really a good move from the Bigg boss management as it gives more genuine reviews from the audience and from Nagarjuna himself.

Kiran Rathore Is The First Contestant To Get Eliminated From The House

The last elimination round was between Prince Yawar and Kiran Rathore. After a bit of suspense in the house, it was announced that Kiran Rathore was eliminated from the house. Shakeela and Yawar shared very good moments in the house, and they felt sad when she left the house. But this is the process of the Bigg Boss house, and every week one of them should get eliminated.

So that’s it from the Sunday Funday moments in the house. There are some rumors in the show, that more contestants are going to come to the house this week and one of them is Varshini. Let’s hope it turns out to be the best entertainer season ever.

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