Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 8 Highlights: The First Open Nominations In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is going to enter into the second week of the house and still only one man is the confirmed contestant of the house and that is Sandeep Master. Yesterday Kiran Rathore got eliminated from the house. Right now the nominations will go on in the House. Let’s see what happened in the house today.


Shakeela felt a bit sad with Kiran Rathore getting eliminated from the house. But soon everything became normal in the house.

The First Open Nominations In The House

Earlier in the first week of the house, the housemates nominated other housemates in the closed room, and now Bigg boss has gone back to the original and the most famous open nominations in the house. All the contestants were called to the activity room. All the contestants can nominate others, only Sandeep master has the immunity power for 5 weeks so nobody can nominate him. But he has a special power now which is he can nominate anybody in the house directly into the nominations which is quite an advantage to him.

Fire Hot Intense Nominations

The nominations process is quite simple, Bigg boss will call one contestant name and they have to stand in the pit, and the contestants who want to nominate them should come forward and give the reason for their nomination and press the button through which mud will fall on the nominated contestants.

Still there is some red hot news that 8-10 new contestants will enter into the house and with wild card entries in the house. It will be a total of 24 members in the house. It is going to be a blockbuster season for sure.

Now coming back to the nominations. Amardeep Nominated Shivaji and Pallavi Prashanth. During this nominations, Amardeep, Shivaji and Prashanth had very big arguments in the house. Especially Amardeep and Prashanth, Amardeep didn’t like Prashanth’s attitude, he kept on saying that he is a farmer’s son and trying to gain sympathy. He talked about other people who are suffering outside because of their work and all. Even all the housemates clapped for Amardeep for his intense argument.

Shivaji and Priyanka Jain also had intense arguments between them. Priyanka didn’t like Shivaji’s behavior, like he doesn’t let anybody talk in the house. He keeps on interrupting people. Even Shivaji gave some wonderful counters in the nominations and he specifically mentioned that he is an entertainer in the house.

Rathika nominated Pallavi Prashanth which was quite shocking as well. Rathika didn’t like the way Pallavi is behaving and it was quite an shocker in the house.  Pallavi Prashanth absolutely got broke in the house, and he cried for a lot of time after the nominations. Housemates tried to console him, but it felt that he was targeted a bit in the house, and some of them were quite rude to him. They had some minor arguments in the house. But the stand out in the house was Amardeep, he was quite in the first week but now he has got all guns blazing in the house.

Sandeep’s Direct Nomination

Sandeep Master has the power for direct nomination, and he has nominated Yawar directly. Yawar felt that he has been targeted him. But Sandeep Master again remained calm and answered calmly again

Nominated Contestants

Shivaji got the maximum number of nominations in the house. The nominated contestants are Shivaji, Yawar, Shakila, Shoba Shetty, Teja, and Rathika are in the nominations.

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