Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 24 Highlights: Bank Heist Game Begins In The House For Immunity

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the Day 24 of the house and frankly this Bigg Boss is becoming one of the best seasons we have seen in the recent times. Yesterday we have seen intense nominations in the house, there were fights between yawar, gautham, Prashanth, Rathika, Amardeep and Subhasree. This was also one of the best nominations we have seen in the recent times. Today we are going to see the game beginning in the house for the two weeks immunity. Who will be the next permanent housemate? Let’s take a look at what happened in the house.

Bank Heist Or Bankers Game In The House

Bigg Boss has announced the new game for the housemates, and this is the Bankers for 2 weeks immunity as well. In this game, the 3 permanent housemates in the house that are Shobha Shetty, Shivaji, and Sandeep. They are the bankers in the house and they have to participate in the task as well.

The remaining housemates are just contestnats, and they have collect coins from bankers. There will be a buzzer in the garden, and whoever hits the buzzer first will qualify for the next game. At the end of the task, whoever has the most number of coins in the house, will be selected as final contenders for the immunity task. The contenders can do anything in the house to get the coins, they can either steal the coins from others or hide the coins of others as well.

After the first round was done: Teja got highest number of coins is 51, Yawar got 41, Amardeep got 41, Priyanka-41, Rathika got 35, Prashanth got 34, Subhu got 31, and Gautham got 24.

When the buzzer rung, all the contenders ran towards the buzzer and hit the button. In the process, Gautham got injured a bit. But Amardeep has hit the button, and the game was divided into pairs. Amar and Gautham are a pair and they are qualified for the next round and they have to play the game with Teja and Rathika.

Smiley Challenge

In this game, there will be a slippery slope in the activity room. The contestants have to stop the other team from going towards the yellow line and click a picture with a smile on their face. The challenge was very funny, and it created lots of fun in the house. Both of the teams gave tough competition, and finally Shobha had to decide who got the best photos and most number of photos in the task. Shobha looked at the photos carefully and declared Amar and Gautham pair as the winner of the task.

Now Teja and Rathika have to give away their coins because they lost the task. But in between Amar and Gautham, only one of them can more coins than the other.

Latest update of the coins: Gautham-75, Rathika-0, Teja-0, Priyanka-41, Subhasree-31, Prashanth-33, Amardeep-76, Yawar-43.

The task will continue tomorrow and let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow and who will get more coins and qualify for the final task.

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