Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 23 Highlights: The Nominations In The House Continues

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the Day 23 and it is quite intensfying in the house. The Bigg Boss gave nominations process as the court room and the three judges of the house will be Shivaji, Shobha Shetty, and Sandeep master. Yesterday we have seen some intense nominations between Yawar and Gautham and the episode ended at the same spot. Today we will have continuation of that in the house. Let’s check out what happened in the house

Yawar and Gautham Fight Continues

Gautham says that Yawar has disrespected and it is very important for him to defend his self-respect that’s why he is nominations. Then the judges said that it is the silliest reason for nominating a person based on self-respect. Then Gautham debated with the judges, he said that Shivaji is thinking like a lawyer not like a judge. It was raining heavily in the house, and everybody were holding the umbrellas.

Gautham lost his temper and threw the umbrella in frustration on the floor. The umbrella broke into pieces and yet he continued the argument. Even the judges gave their valid points and closed the judgement. They took valid points from his nomination and nominated Yawar in the house. But Gautham’s behavior is misfiring to him into the house. He has used some bad words in the house which could effect his voting process as well. Let’s see what happens in the house.

Prashanth, Gautham, and Rathika Fight

Now it was time for Prashanth to take up the nominations. He nominated Gautham for shouting on Shobha Shetty and misbehaving with her by taking off his shirt. He taught that he objectified her in the house and he didn’t like that at all. Then Gautham said that he didn’t objectify her and defended himself. Then he asked Prashanth that you also said same thing to Rathika that what is this small clothes in the house.

Then Prashanth replied that she is his friend that’s why he said to her like that. Then immediately Rathika reacted and said that you are not my friend, and i dont even know you outside and you can’t say that to me. Here Prashanth didn’t understand that he was being used by Rathika and Gautham as a part of the game. But his points were very strong, and the judges nominated Gautham in the house.

Then Gautham took off his shirt again and started walking around the house asking the housemates whether they have an issue with his show off. Really Gautham is going overpar now with his behavior.

Subhasree And Amardeep Fight

Subhasree nominated Amardeep yesterday for not working in the house, and not participating in the tasks properly, and favoring Priyanka in the house. Then the judges didn’t accept the nomination and saved Amardeep. But during the dinner time, Subhasree brought up the point again, and they had small argument. Then Amardeep got angry and threw the glass on the floor and shouted that she is not letting him stay calm even during the dinner time. He left the dinner and came away.

Then the Bigg Boss gave judges the power to nominate one person in the house directly. Then the judges discussed amongst themselves and nominated Teja directly in the nominations. The nomination process is complete and the voting lines are open now.

Tomorrow we will have an interesting immunity task again. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow.

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