Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 26 Highlights: Pallavi Prashanth Is The New Housemate

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into Day 26 of the house and we can say that this is one of the most thrilling episodes and thrilling seasons when compared to the last season. In this season, no contenders are permanent housemates they have to earn their way to become the housemate. Already Sandeep, Shivaji, and Shobha Shetty are already the housemates. Now, Bigg Boss has given interesting tasks in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Subhasree Becomes The Third Contestant

Yesterday we have seen Bigg Boss has conducted the Gala event in the house. In this game, all the housemates dressed up wonderfully. Yesterday Prashanth, Teja did their performance. In this episode, Amar, Subhasree, Yawar, Gautham, and Priyanka gave their performances.

Amar’s make up was really good, Subhasree became the roti maker, Yawar played the role of an old man, Gautham played the role of a superhero, Rathika played the role of a fat punjabi, Priyanka played the role of Indian Harley Quinn. Everybody’s performance was quite good, and they have managed to thrill the audience and make them laugh, and smile. Even Shivaji enjoyed the game in the house.

Now coming to the main aspect of the Gala event, the judge Shivaji along with Shobha Shetty and Sandeep have to decide who is the winner of this gala event. Then the judges decided amongst themselves and said that Subhasree is the winner of the game.

Then Amardeep got angry and asked the judges why she is the winner in the gala event? On what basis they gave the winner title to her. The judges said that her getup was unique and interesting thats why they have chosen her as the winner. Then Amardeep got angry and said that they are showing partiality in the house, and choosing the winners on their own. He rushed out of the room, and decided to stay alone for while. But Subhasree is the winner and the third participant for the game.

Hold The Astra

Bigg Boss gave the interesting task in the house, the three contenders Yawar, Prashanth, and Subhasree have to hold onto the Astra as long as possible. Whoever holds the astra till the end will be the winner. The other housemates can distract them, and the fellow contenders can convince them. The game went on for very long in the house, and nobody was ready to give up. Then finally Bigg Boss himself gave up and said that he is cancelling the task, and giving another one.

Balance The Astra

In this task, the three contenders have to balance the Astra which is kept on the edge of the stick. Whoever balances the astra till the end will be the winner of the game.

Even this game went on very long and three of them gave tough competition for each other. Finally Yawar and Subhasree lost balance and lost their astra and Pallavi Prashanth became the third permanent housemate of the house.

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