Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 35 Highlights: The Grand Launch Of Bigg Boss 2.0

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 35 is here and we have been saying from the past few days that there is a surprise for you all, and here is the surprise for you all. It is the grand launch of Bigg Boss 2.0 and many wonderful things are in surprise for you all. Yesterday we have seen Nagarjuna giving the review to the housemates. Now let’s see the best highlights of the Grand Launch 2.0

Subhasree Eliminated From The House

As Nagarjuna said this season is going to be ulta puta and every week, Nagarjuna saves the housemates from nominations and this time it is complete turn around. The episode began with the elimination of the candidate. The nominated contestants in the house went to the activity room. Then the lights were turned off from the room. Then a ghost appeared in the room and roamed around them building the tension in the house. Then slowly the ghost brought out Subhasree out of the house and she is eliminated from the house. This is the first time in the history of Bigg Boss that in the past five weeks, five women contestants have been eliminated in the house.

Confirmed Housemates In The House

Nagarjuna quickly saved the remaining nominated contestants in the house. First Shivaji was saved, then Priyanka was saved, then yawar was saved, then Amar was saved and lastly it was a bit of a thrill to the housemates Gautham and Teja. the housemates have to select who gets eliminated from the house. Majority of the housemates chose Gautham chose as the undeserving in the house. Teja became the confirmed housemate of the house, and Gautham has been eliminated from the house as well because of him being undeserving in the house.

But there is a twist in the house here. Gautham has been sent into the secret room. Yes, the secret room in the house and it has been opened and the game will get more and more interesting.

Siddarth In The House

In the house, as things got more heated. nagarjuna called a celebrity to the house, and that is Siddarth in the house. He came for the promotions of his movie Super Hit Movie Chinna. Siddarth went into the house and then they played guess the songs in the house. The house was divided into two teams, team chinni and team chitti. In this game, Chitti team won the task and the luxury budget has been given to both the teams again.

Announcement Of Bigg Boss Season 7 2.0- New Contestants In The House

Ambati Arjun, The guy who is popular in serials is in the house and his entry song was My Dear Markendeya. Nagarjuna asked him to select the Dhummu and Dhammu in the house. Then Arjun is clearly impressed with Yawar and Prashanth and clearly not impressed with Sandeep Master and Amardeep in the house.

Ashwini is into the house, and she is clearly impressed with Shivaji as the gamer in the house, and we have to see how she plays the game in the house.

Bhole Shavali, the singer and the composer is in the house and he sang a song for Nagarjuna. He looks like a funny guy in the house, and he is clearly impressed with Shivaji and Prashanth.

Pooja Murthy Into the house and she is also one of the serial actors, and she is a confident contender in the house and she felt very sad that her father has passed away recently. Again another new housemate is clearly impressed with Shivaji’s game in the house.

Nayanai Pavani in the house and she is a Insta star and social media star and she is going to create some sensation in the house. She is clearly impressed with Yawar and Prashanth in the house, and not impressed with Teja and Amardeep in the house.

Ravi Teja In The House

Ravi Teja is in the house and he is promoting his upcoming movie Tiger Nageswar Rao. He has come with Nupur Sanon and Gayathri Bhardwaj and they played some games also with the housemates and it was an fun incidents in the house and the housemates enjoyed the game wth Ravi Teja and others. Some things have been stolen from the housemates like Yawar’s protein powder, and Prashanth’s sapling, and they were given back to them again.

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