Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 33 Highlights: Pallavi Prashanth The First Ever Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into Day 33 of the house, many wonderful things have happened in the house and many interesting things have also happened. yesterday we have seen some sacrificial games in the house, and yesterday yawar sacrificed his letter and gave teja the power to move forward in the game, Subhasree sacrificed her letter and gave Gautham the power to move forward the game. Today also same things have happened in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Shivaji Sacrifices The Letter For Prashanth

Bigg Boss called Shivaji and Prashanth pair in the house, and in this game Shivaji was clear that his wife will take care of his kids and he will sacrifice his letter for Prashanth who got the letter from his father.

After some discussion in the room, Shivaji finally gave up the letter and helped Prashanth to move forward in the game.

Amar Sacrifices The Letter For Sandeep

Amar got the letter from his wife Tejaswini and Sandeep got the letter from his mother. Because of mother sentiment and some harsh decisions in the room. Amar with a heavy heart gave up his letter and helped Sandeep move forward in the game.

Now the captaincy contenders in the house are Sandeep, Prashanth, Gautham, and Teja. Subhasree and Priyanka didn’t get the letters because they didnt qualify for the game. Now let’s see who becomes the captain of the house.

Color The Shirt To Win The Captaincy 

In this captaincy task, Bigg Boss told the contenders to wear the white shirts in the game and gave different colors for them. Whoever gets more color by the end of each buzzer will be eliminated from the game. In the first round, Teja got eliminated from the game, in the second round Sandeep Master went out of the line that’s why he got disqualified from the game and there was a lot of argument happening in the house regarding this issue.

The last round was between Gautham and Prashanth and after an intense battle between them. It was decided that Prashanth won the game, and he became the first ever captain of the house. Tomorrow Nagarjuna will come to the house and review the housemates performance. Sunday there is a big surprise waiting for you all. Let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow.

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