Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 34 Highlights: A Review About The Buddy Task

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is here and it is Day 34 in the house, and today is the Hot Saturday in the house. Yesterday we have seen in the house that Prashanth was the winner of the tasks and he became the captain of the house. Everybody is so proud of him that he became the first captain of the house. Today let’s see what happened in the house today.

Nagarjuna Gives Reviews For The Performances

The first review was given to Shobha Shetty and Priyanka. Nagarjuna kept a buddy board on the stage and stabbed the heart board with the knife and then asked whether they had any bad experience in the game. Priyanka explained that Shobha Shetty didn’t take the stand during the first task of the smile buddies. She expected a third place, but because of her judgement they lost the star and lost the contendership eventually. Nagarjuna sorted out of the differences between them.

Next review was for Amardeep and Sandeep. Nagarjuna stabbed three knifes into the board and mentioned three mistakes that are done by them. The first one is Amardeep stepping out of the line for throwing the fruits, Second is Sandeep taking the fruits from another baskets, and the third is Sandeep dropping the peel into the juice to increase its level. Even though Amardeep is the Sanchalak of the game, he didn’t point it out. But Sandeep and Amar kept on arguing with Nagarjuna that it was a part of the game and they had to do it. Nagarjuna showed them the video silenced them in the house. Then Amardeep said that he will not repeat the mistakes and play the game veven better. then nagarjuna replied that he has been saying the same dialogue right from the first week itself. We have to see whether he will improve or not.

The next review was given to the Gautham and Subhasree. Nagarjuna just kept one knife, and board told them that they are the best buddies. Then Nagarjuna pointed out the mistake which is during the smile task. Nagarjuna said that they don’t deserve any stars in the game at all.  Nagarjuna also pointed out that Gautham’s strategy and manipulation towards Subhasree in dropping her letter into the trash box.

Then the next review was given to Shivaji and Prashanth. Nagarjuna applauded them both for playing the fair game in the house and he said that those who play the fair game in the house will win in the house. They have played the fair game in the house and Prashanth became the captain in the house and that was the best thing in this week.

Then the next review was given to Teja and Yawar. Nagarjuna applauded Teja for entertaining the housemates in the house, and Nagarjuna applauded them both for playing wonderfully in the house.

Bottom Three As Per The Housemates

In the house, nagarjuna asked who is the Bottom three in the house. then the housemates gave their opinion and the majority of the house votes came to Gautham, Subhasree, Amar and Shivaji. Now we have to see whether how much true will this turn out to be.

Tomorrow there will be a elimination from the house, and there is also a big surprise in the house for you all. The elimination might be Subhasree let’s see what happens tomorrow. Let’s see what happens in the house, Stay tuned for more updates

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