Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 56 Highlights: Sunday Funday In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Sunday Funday is here, and many interesting things are happening in the house. Yesterday we have seen Nagarjuna taking real class to the housemates, and he literally fired on them. In this Sunday Funday episode, Nagarjuna gave a grand entry on his own song and he looks dapper in the black pattern T-shirt which looks unique and he looks stylish in the entry. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Who Will You Sink In The House?

Nagarjuna opened the MaNa TV quickly and Shobha asked Nagarjuna for his T-Shirt and Nagarjuna said that he will give the shirt to her but she shouldn’t play the foul game play in the house again. Then the Sunday Funday tasks began in the house. The first task, there is a small boat doll kept in the centre, and Nagarjuna will tell two names to each contestant, then they have to save one in the ship and drown the other.

  • First Gowtham saved Priyanka and drowned Arjun
  • Arjun saved Gowtham and drowned Amar
  • Yawar saved Shivaji and drowned Rathika
  • Bhole saved Prashanth and drowned Ashwini
  • Teja saved Yawar and drowned Shobha
  • Shivaji saved Prashanth and drowned Yawar
  • Priyanka saved Shobha and drowned Amar
  • In the midst of the task, Ashwini got saved from the nominations.
  • Prashanth saved Bhole and drowned Yawar
  • Ashwini saved Bhole and drowned Prashanth
  • Sandeep saved Amardeep and drowned Shivaji
  • Rathika saved Shivaji and drowned Yawar
  • Sbhobha saved Sandeep and drowned Amardeep

In the midst of this task, Amardeep got saved from the nominations.

Dialogue Kottu Guru

The House has been divided into two teams. Team Amardeep and Team Bhole. In team Rathika, Amardeep, Shobha, Prashanth, Yawar, and Teja. In the team Bhole, there are Bhole, Shivaji, Sandeep, Priyanka, Arjun, Ashwini, Sandeep Master, and Gowtham.

It was a fun little task in the house and in this task, Team Bhole won the task. In the midst of the task, Shivaji, and Bhole got saved from the nominations.

Sandeep Master Got Eliminated From The House

Shobha and Sandeep Master were called into the activity room. Their heartbeat was shown on the screen. Whosever heartbeat goes flat will be eliminated from the house, after a bit of suspense and thrill. Sandeep Master’s beat went flat and he was eliminated from the house.

It was an emotional elimination for the house, and also this is the first male elimination in the house. Many more interesting things will happen in the house and tomorrow there will be nominations. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.

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