Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 53 Highlights: Interesting More Games In the House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 53 is here and many interesting things are happening. Yesterday we have seen Priyanka and Prashanth becoming the captaincy contenders for the new week, and now more interesting plans have been planned Bigg boss to keep the audience hooked to the screens for this episode as well. Now let’s see what happens in the house today.

Sponge Out The Water

In the third task, the contestants have to wear a helmet like thing on head with a sponge and they have to stand under a tap and they have to collect the water in the sponge and drain it down the tank and whoever fills the tank with full water will win the task. In this task, the participants are Arjun, Sandeep, Ashwini, and Bhole Shavali. In this task, Arjun and Sandeep master came till the next round and competed tough.

Finally it was Sandeep Master who emerged victorious in this task and became the captaincy contender. The last place belonged to Bhole Shavali.

Remove The Balls Out Of The Tank

In the next task, Bigg Boss gave an interesting task yet again. This time there are some balls kept in the task, and they have to remove them quickly and ring the bell in the middle, and whoever does it first becomes the captaincy contender.

In this task, Shivaji, Gowtham, and others participated in the task. It was Gowtham who emerged victorious. But we have to give kudos to Shivaji that he tried his best with Single hand and gave tough competition to others.

Wear As Many Clothes As You Can

In the last and final task, Shobha, Teja, and Yawar participated in the task, and they have to wear as many clothes as they can to become the captaincy contender. The task was funny, and interesting as well, and this task Shobha wore 72 clothes, that’s a record we should say. She worked very hard in the task. Tomorrow there will be the captaincy contenders task. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow, and who will be the new captain of the house.

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