Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 56 Highlights: Nagarjuna Fire On The Contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 56 and today we are going to see Nagarjuna full fire on the housemates. This is Saturday weekend episode, and things have got heated up really in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house.

Nagarjuna Praises Gowtham For His Gameplay

First of all, Nagarjuna went straight to the MaNa TV and congratulated Gowtham for becoming the captain of the house and he praised him for his gameplay and congratulated. Nagarjuna also praised Arjuna for being a good captain in the house and this has been a good week for both Gowtham and Arjun.

Nagarjuna Fires On Shobha and Yawar

Nagarjuna Fired on Shobha and Yawar. Nagarjuna said if Shobha couldn’t Erragada¬†when Bhole said to her. Then why did she use Pichoda¬†to Yawar. Shobha kept on arguing that Yawar took out a silly reason for removing her from the captaincy race. Even Nagarjuna fired on Yawar for behaving really like a mad guy and scolded him for damaging the Bigg Boss property again, and his behavior isn’t good in the house.

Nagarjuna also gave a clear clarification whether Yawar called Shobha Hitler or not. It was proven that Yawar didn’t use Hitler to Shobha. Instead he used Did I rule like Hitler in the house? He was pointing to himself? Not to Shobha. Nagarjuna broke the flags of Shobha and Yawar. We hope that this is an eye opener for both of them. Because both of them keep on shouting and they don’t listen to anybody.

Nagarjuna takes clarification from Teja

During one game, Teja just mocked Amardeep and Shobha didn’t like it and they had a huge fight. Teja gave clarification that he said in a funnier way and he didn’t mean any offense to Amardeep. Nagarjuna wants Teja to play game more harder and he broke his flag

Nagarjuna Fires On Amardeep

Nagarjuna said that Amardeep played a foul game in the house. During the first task that Float or Sink, he asked Shobha and Priyanka to help him and they did helped him during the task and Nagarjuna spotted that. After that Nagarjuna said that Amardeep  behaved wrong with Prashanth and he also kicked the chair. His performance was really bad this week and Nagarjuna broke the flag.

Nagarjuna Lauded Prashanth

Nagarjuna congratulated Prashanth for playing the game wonderfully in the house. He is impressed with Prashanth’s gameplay of arranging the cubes in 9 seconds and his ability to forgive the people in the house. He didn’t break Prashanth’s flag this time.

Nagarjuna Fires On Rathika

Nagarjuna fired on Rathika that she isn’t playing the game properly. She has to focus on the gameplay now and nobody in the house gets a second chance in the house and she has to prove herself. Nagarjuna was on point and she should focus on the game instead of giving answers to people and staying in the past.

Nagarjuna takes clarification from Shivaji

Nagarjuna showed a video of Shivaji saying that he will leave next week by hitting somebody in the house. Then nagarjuna took clarification regarding this. Shivaji said that the housemates are behaving in dual role, and they are using cuss words in the house and behaving differently in front of Nagarjuna. Then Nagarjuna asked who are those people, Shivaji said that he will give names in the next week if they don’t improve the game and behavior. He didn’t break Shivaji’s flag.

Nagarjuna congratulated Ashwini for playing wonderfully in the house. Nagarjuna also congratulated Priyanka for playing wonderfully in the house. Nagarjuna wanted Bhole Shavali to play the better game and yet he didn’t break the flag of Bhole. Nagarjuna also congratulated Arjun for playing the game wonderfully and he pointed that Arjun should also point out Amar’s mistakes in the game.

Nagarjuna Fires On Sandeep Master

Nagarjuna calls Sandeep Master as the Bongolu Dancer. He didn’t like the way he has been using bad words in the house and his gameplay also came down a bit this week which has affected him a lot. Nagarjuna told Sandeep not to repeat the same mistake and warned the house not to use the bad words in the house.

That’s it for today’s episode. Tomorrow it is going to be interesting and there will be elimination. As per our rumors, it is Sandeep Master who got eliminated from the house.

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