Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 59 Highlights: Lions Vs Tigers

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 59 is here and yesterday we have seen intense nominations happening in the house. Right now Bigg Boss has planned for some exciting tasks and interesting through which the contestants can get into the captaincy contenders and they can become captains. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Teja In A Lady Getup

After the task of treating the ladies as queens. Bigg Boss asked the ladies of the house to dress up Teja as a girl. Then the ladies got into the action and dressed up Teja as a girl.

Indeed he looked different and he took full advantage of the getup and played with the ladies in the house. Now things will get into the task and they are interesting. Let see what happens in the house.

Lions Vs Tigers

The captaincy contenders task has begun in the house, and this time the house has been divided into two teams Veera Simhalu and Garjinche Pullulu. In the Veera Simhalu they are Arjun, Amar, Prashanth, Shivaji, Ashwini, Priyanka. In the Garjinche Pululu team they are Yawar, Goutham, Shobha, Bhole, Teja, and Rathika.

In the first task, the housemates have to catch the eggs which come out from the pipe. Whoever catches more eggs will have an advantage in the house and they will get an golden egg. The number of eggs will be counted at the end of the task and they will get an advantage as well. The task was interesting, and exciting and all the housemates even Shivaji took part in the game and played wonderfully

The Second Task

In the second task, Bigg Boss gave an interesting task. In this task, there will be two people participating in the game from each group.

One of them has to blow the ballons while others have to go through the obstacles and place it in the tyre. The Lions team have yellow ballons while the tiger teams have orange ballons. In the task, Teja and yawar participated in the game. In the Lions team, Prashanth and Arjun participated.

Both of them gave tough competition to each other and finally it was decided that Yawar and Teja have won the task. They have the power to remove one contestant from the team. Then they decided amongst each other and they have removed Prashanth from the team.

Tomorrow more interesting tasks will happen in the house and it is going to be really interesting and thrilling, and there may be secret tasks as well. So stay tuned for more updates

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