Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 60 Highlights: Lions Vs Tigers Continues

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 60 is here and just only few weeks are left in the house and the tensions in the house are rising and the next few weeks are going to be interesting, funny, emotional, and thrilling at the same time. Yesterday we have seen Lions Vs Tigers game in the house and today it is going to be the continuation of the same. Many interesting games are going to happen in the game. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Catch The Balls Again

During the beginning of the task, the housemates were called into the garden area and just like yesterday they had to catch the balls which came down from a pipe and yet today without any disturbances or physical hurts in the game.

The housemates played the game neatly and collected the balls and kept them safely and some of them have hid the balls in other areas in the house.

The Second Task In The House

In the second task, just like yesterday two members from each team have to participate in the game again. In the game there is a slope with four holes at the bottom. One of the team mate has to stay on the top of the slope and other guy has to break wooden chamber and there is a pouch with sticks in it.

Arjun, Amar from Tigers team, and Gowtham, Shobha from Lions team have participated in the game. Bhole and Ashwini are sanchalaks of the game. Arjun and Gowtham broke the wooden chamber quickly and got the pouch out of the chamber. Then Amar and Shobha had to put the sticks into the holes by sliding down the slope. It was a tough battle and Amar won the task.

After winning the task, Amar hugged Shivaji and cried his heart out. As the tigers team won the task, Bigg Boss asked whether they want to take out an opponent or swap 500 balls. Then the tigers team decided that they will swap 500 balls and they did so.

Black Ball Magic

During the morning task, the lions team found a black ball. They didn’t know that it had special powers. They have the power to exchange a stronger contestant from the opposition team with a weaker contestant from their side. Then after some discussion with the housemates, it was decided that Arjun will be swapped with Bhole Shankar. It was a double blow in the house for the tigers. They already lost Prashanth, and now Arjun.

Clearly the tigers team were not impressed and some arguments have happened in the house regarding this issue. Tomorrow there will be another task and the captaincy selection will be done. Stay tuned for more updates.

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