Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 61 Highlights: Shobha Shetty Is The New Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 61 is here and many interesting things are happening in the house for sure. Yesterday we have seen Tigers winning the task and making it even in the game. Then Bigg Boss gave a big twist to the game, and swapped Arjun with Bhole in the team. Today there is another twist in the house. Many arguments, some injuries, some fights have happened in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house.

Black Ball Magic In The House

After the morning hours, Bigg Boss summoned both the teams to the garden area. Then asked which team has the Black ball with them. Then Gowtham showed the black ball to the Bigg Boss. Then Bigg Boss gave an special power to them. They have the power to swap the balls with the other team completely.

Frankly, the tigers team had more balls than the other. Then they swapped the balls and became the captaincy contenders in the house. During this swap, some arguments have happened between Shivaji and Gowtham and it looked like Gowtham is clearly targeting Shivaji again and again in the house.

Bean Bag Task

As the lions team has won the task, they have become captaincy contenders in the house. There is a unique game in the house now, there are bean bags with the faces of the lions team. Then they have to convince other team members to play for them and carry the bean bags. They have to keep moving around in the circle and try to take out the therma coal balls from the bag. Whoever survives till the last round will win the game and they will become the captaincy contender

For Arjun, Shivaji played the game even though his hand isn’t good. For Gowtham, Ashwini played the game. For Rathika, Bhole played the game. For Teja, Priyanka played the game, and For Shobha, Amar played the game. Prashanth is dead in the game that’s why he shouldn’t play the game. For Yawar, no one is playing the game unfortunately.

The task went on wonderfully and they gave tough fights in the game. In the process of the game, Shivaji’s hand was pulled so strong that it got hurt again. He is sent for doctor consultancy and after that the game has been continued in the house. Amardeep behaved like a guy he was possessed, he shouted, he threw the bags here and there. It was some ghost possessed him completely. Finally the last two left in the game were Priyanka and Amar, and it was an immense battle between the best friends. In this battle, Amar won the task and that’s how Shobha became the captain of the house. Tomorrow Nagarjuna is going to come to the house, and we have to see what will Nagarjuna say about the game. Stay tuned for more updates

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