Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 75 Highlights: Priyanka Becomes The Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 75 is here and the days are closing in very faster than ever. The Bigg boss makers are planning to extend one or two more weeks in the house. the decision is not yet final, so let’s keep that on hold. Right now, the eviction free pass game has happened and yesterday we have seen Yawar dominating all the games in the house. But there are some arguments going in the house, let’s see what happened in the house today.

Yawar Wins The Eviction Free Pass

During the last task, in which Shivaji, Priyanka and Yawar played the game of handling the balls on the bow without dropping the balls. It was Yawar who stood till the last moment, and after that Shobha did a little bit of over acting in the house by not able to take the decision who played the game with rules.


Even though the housemates kept on saying that she should focus on the result and it is quite evident that yawar has won the game. Yet Shobha tried somehow to show some favor to Priyanka but it didn’t work out at all. Finally it was decided that Yawar has won the task and Bigg Boss announced that Yawar has won the eviction free pass.

He can either use it for himself or for anybody else in the house. So we have to see what decision will Yawar take in the house for this eviction free pass.

Priyanka Becomes The Captain Of The House

In the captaincy task, Bigg Boss has announced that there are bricks kept at the end of the garden area. The housemates have to walk through the ramp and step only the stickers which are kept in the garden area and pick up a brick and come back to the place through another ramp and keep the brick in their box. Whoever has the less number of bricks by the end buzzer will be eliminated. The game comes down till the last two and whoever has more number of bricks wins the game in the house.

The task went on very fiercely and every housemate went head on in the game. The final three are left in the house, that are Arjun, Amar and Prashanth.

Break The Bricks Down In The House

The top 6 in the task are Priyanka, Amar, Arjun, Shobha, and Ashwini. Now they have to build a structure with those bricks and the others can pile them down with the balls. By the end of the buzzer whosever tower is the tallest wins the game in the house. It was really a tough battle because first Ashwini and Shobha were eliminated and later on Amar, Arjun, Prashanth and Priyanka fought really hard in the game. Prashanth got eliminated first, then Arjun and finally it was Priyanka who emerged victorious in the game and became captain of the house.

We have to wait and see what happens. Tomorrow there is going to be an Saturday episode, and an important episode for all the housemates. Stay tuned for more updates, please

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