Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 83 Highlights: Ashwini Is Eliminated From The Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 83 is here and today is the Saturday episode and today we gotta see Nagarjuna in the house, and Nagarjuna gave a grand entrance in the house with Jawan song and many interesting things are going to happen in the house today. Let’s see what happens in the house today

Nagarjuna opened the MaNa TV in the house, and Bigg Boss called Shivaji into the confession room. Bigg Boss said that his medical condition has been monitored continuously and it is suggested that he should take rest and not participate in intense tasks in the house. If anything happens in the house, or any injury. It’s his whole responsibility. Then Shivaji said that he will take care of himself. After sometime, Shivaji said that he is not able to give 100% and he don’t want to do time pass in the house.

Then Bigg Boss called him back to the confession room, and asked his final decision. Then Shivaji said that he will leave the house, and he doesn’t want to play the game at all. Then Bigg Boss said that he will call him back after taking the decision.

Nagarjuna talked to the housemates immediately, and then Nagarjuna talked to Priyanka about her captaincy, and the housemates felt that she has been a good captain of the house. But Yawar felt that she is an Ok Ok captain in the house.

Then Nagarjuna called Shivaji into the confession room. Then Shivaji mentioned that his hand in pain, and his shoulder in pain. Then Nagarjuna said that his hand is also in pain, and if he can manage it and Shivaji can also manage it. Then somehow Nagarjuna convinced him to continue in the house.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Prashanth. Nagarjuna clapped for Prashanth for winning the Eviction Pass. Then Nagarjuna asked why does Prashanth believe in Shivaji. Then Nagarjuna showed Prashanth how he got murdered in the house.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Ashwini on why she self nominated herself. Did she have confidence or over confidence. Then they talked about whether she has any issues with Priyanka, then Ashwini gave a little clarification about their issue in the house. It looked a lot like a cat fight between two girls in the house.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Gautham and Shobha. Nagarjuna talked about their confusion on whether whom to make the captain whether it is Priyanka and Amar. Then Nagarjuna showed the video during the bricks task in the house. Shobha was saying to Gautham to stop being diplomatic in the house and not to hit Amar’s bricks during the game.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Amar, and lauded him for playing the game. Even though his health isn’t fine, but still he is playing the game wonderfully. Then Nagarjuna showed him a video of Amar degrading Prashanth during the earlier nominations. Amar clearly said that Prashanth doesn’t need sympathy in the house. Then it was really a shocker to Amar. He was caught off guard in the house. Then Nagarjuna asked whether that Amar whom we have seen in the earlier days in the house or now this version is true or not.

Then Nagarjuna talked to Shivaji regarding this clarification about his word to Amar and Arjun. Then Big arguments happened between Nagarjuna, Priyanka, and Amar. Shivaji felt that it was injustice that the deputies of the house selection is not happening in the house.

Then Nagarjuna asked why did he raise his hand when he was asked whether Priyanka was a good captain. Then Shivaji replied that she was an Ok captain and she doesn’t talk normally in the house and she keeps yelling in the house and he has warned her from 2nd week to stop giving orders. Then Priyanka felt emotional in the house, and Nagarjuna stopped her in between and continued the debate.

Then Nagarjuna showed another video in which Amar said that crying and little overacting is a strategy in the house. That was where he was caught red handed and he kept on talking that he wants to make his mother and father proud and finally he literally got bowled out by Nagarjuna.

Then Nagarjuna said to Amar to play the game with strategy, not emotionally in the house. Now the game is definitely on between the serial batch and Shivaji.

Then Nagarjuna showed Priyanka, a video for her in the house. In which Priyanka said to Shobha to use VIP washroom, instead of the normal washroom. Then Nagarjuna literally exposed Priyanka, Shobha, and Amar. Durin the murder task, when Priyanka mixed the tea in the handwash. She didn’t let Shobha to go into the washroom, Instead of that she sent Yawar get murdered. Then Nagarjuna asked is it Bigg Boss game, or Gratitude game between Shobha, Amar, and Priyanka. They are not focusing on the game, instead they are playing the game for themselves and saving themselves. Literally Priyanka got exposed and she said sorry and she won’t repeat again.

Ashwini Got Eliminated From The House

Nagarjuna clearly mentioned that there will be double elimination in the house and the nominated contestants stood apart. Then they were given guns, and they have to shoot themselves. If the sound doesn’t come from it, then they are safe, if the bullet sound comes then they are eliminated. One by one, the housemates shot themselves and finally it was revealed that Ashwini is eliminated from the house.

That’s how the Saturday episode finished off, and tomorrow there will be Sunday Funday in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates

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