Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 81 Highlights: Shivaji fails In The Secret Task

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 81 is here, and we have seen some amazing task in the house. We already know that Mrs. Bigg Boss has been murdered in the house, and then each of the housemates have been given different roles in the house. Shivaji was given a secret task and he is the killer in the house. He has to kill people very secretly and win the task, and if he fails to do it then he will not be in the captaincy task. Yesterday Shivaji has murdered Prashanth after keeping Prashanth’s sapling in the post box. Today the task gets even more intensfied, so let’s see what happens in the house today.

Arjun And Amar’s Strategy

Arjun and Amar has been properly investigating each and every housemate in the house and in the beginning, after Rathika’s investigation. They have put her in jail based on suspicion, but Arjun felt that Shivaji is playing a master game in the house and he told Amar to follow him wherever Shivaji is going. The game got tough for Shivaji here but still Shivaji managed to fool them, and murdered Ashwini in the house.

When it was announced, the housemates were in shock, and Ashwini has wore the white dress and joined Prashanth as dead in the house.

Then Bigg Boss asked Arjun and Amar, it is time for the basic investigation result. Then Arjun said that they are thinking it is Shivaji who is the killer in the house because he has a sharp mind and knows how to stay silent as a killer. Then they put him in jail in the house.

Secret task shifted to Priyanka

After sometime, Shivaji came out of the jail and started implementing his work yet again. The time was getting on, and his next target was Gowtham. But somehow Shivaji failed in the task, and then Bigg Boss said to Shivaji on phone that he has failed in the task, and his secret task will be shifted to Priyanka.

Then Shivaji slowly mentioned it to Priyanka that he will give her a phone and she will get orders from Bigg Boss. She has to kill Gowtham next and do it secretly in the house. Then Priyanka took up the challenge, and when Gowtham was in the kitchen working. Then Priyanka slowly snuck up behind him and kept I am dead sticker on his mic.

Then again the whole house got a screaming sound and it was announced that Gowtham has been murdered and he has to join Ashwini and Prashanth as the ghost.

The secret task will continue in the house, and we have to see whether Priyanka will win the task or will the detectives catch her? Let’s see what happens in the house.

Remember people, that there is double elimination in the house, and this week will be the last captain of the house. So make sure, that you vote for your favorite contestants and save them from nominations. Stay tuned for more updates in the house.

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