Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 80 Highlights: Mrs Bigg Boss Is Murdered In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 80 is here and the days are coming closer and closer to the finale, and till now they are 10 members in the house and this week there is going to be a double elimination in the house. Yesterday we have seen inside the Bigg Boss house there is a murderer and somebody has killed Mrs. Bigg Boss. Things will get tougher, as the killer is one amongst them. So let’s see what happens in the house today.

Secret Task To Shivaji

In the house, there are different roles given to the housemates. Amar and Arjun are the detectives, they have to find the killer in the house. Shivaji is the manager of the mansion, Rathika is the driver, and Gautham is a gardener. Both of them are in love with each other. Priyanka and Yawar are Butlers in the house, and Shobha Shetty, Ashwini are the reporters reporting the crime to the world. Prashanth is the head cook in the house.

Bigg Boss called each one of them into the confession room, and assigned their roles in the house. During this process, Bigg Boss mentioned that Shivaji is the killer in the house and he has a secret task to do. He has to kill each member in the house without getting caught in the house. If he gets caught, then he will be out of the captaincy task. If he succeeds then he will be in the captaincy race directly in the house.

Shivaji got dressed as a manager and all the housemates got into their roles pretty quickly. Arjun is the Senior inspector and Amar is the constable. They handled the investigation very funnily.

BB Investigation

Inside the activity room, Bigg Boss arranged for a BB Investigation, then the Police officers are called into the room, and they called each one of them individually into the activity room and investigate them. Based on that they have to action in the house. During this investigation process, Shivaji told Prashanth to go and hide in the store room, and told him not to come out until he tells him to.

Prashanth just listened to Shivaji and went into the store room. He didn’t even make sound in the store room. When it was his turn for investigation in the house, the housemates couldn’t find him at all. Even Shivaji acted as if he is searching inside the house, but it was a masterstroke. Later on it was announced that Prashanth has been killed and now he is a ghost.

Right now the police officers have arrested rathika and put her in jail based on the suspicion. We have to see how far the task will go and will Shivaji be successful in the house completing the secret task. Let’s see what happens in the house. Stay tuned for more updates

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