Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 85 Highlights: Red Paint Nominations

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 85 is here and many things are happening in the house. Yesterday we have seen Ashwini and Rathika getting eliminated from the house. Now there are 8 people in the house, and we may see another double elimination in the house to make the top 5 for the finale week. Today there are going to be many interesting nominations in the house. So let’s see what happens in the house today.

Red Paint Nominations In The House

Today there are going to be many interesting nominations, and Bigg Boss called the housemates into the activity room, and the room was designed as the hell. The contestants have to nominate by using the Red paint. There is no captain in the house, so everybody are almost in the danger of the nominations. So let’s get into the nominations now.

Shivaji Vs Chuka Batch In The House

From the past Saturday and Sunday in the house, Shivaji has completed turned around for SPA batch that Shobha, Priyanka, and Amar. Shivaji didn’t support during Amar’s captaincy round, even Shivaji has exposed Priyanka and her behavior in the house, even Shobha has kept some revenge for not supporting Amar in the house for captaincy.

That’s what has happened in the house today. Shobha and Priyanka have initially nominated Shivaji. Priyanka said that even though Shivaji has supported her in many games, but she didn’t know that he has so much negativity for her. A big debate happened between them, and initially Priyanka nominated Shivaji. Then Shobha said the same thing, it felt like she was playing the game for Amar, and not playing her game. It has been proved again and again, that these are three are playing together.

Even Gowtham and Arjun have nominated him, and it looks like Shivaji has been a target for all this batch people in the house. The silliest thing is Gowtham again nominating him in the house. He said that SPY batch has formed because Shivaji supporting Yawar and Prashanth in the house and not taking others seriously in the house. The debate continued between them as well.

The Chukka batch the name given by Nagarjuna himself has targeted Yawar, Prashanth also. This time Shivaji, Prashanth, and Yawar are in nominations, and we have to see how the votes will get split up between them. The nominations will continue in the house tomorrow as well. So let’s see what happens tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates in the house.

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