Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 86 Highlights : Ticket To Finale Tasks Begin In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 86 is here and yesterday we have seen the heated nominations in the house and it was proven that SPA batch has targeted Shivaji Prashanth and Yawar individually. Many interesting things are going to happen in the house from this day on. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

The Ticket To Finale Tasks Begin In The House

Bigg boss called all the housemates to the garden area and in the midst there is the Ticket to finale thing in the house. The housemates will be given points in each task and whoever gets most number of points at the end will get the Ticket to finale task.

The first task was skip the dial. In this task the housemates have to stand up on top of a box and there is a big dial that goes round and round. They have to jump it and slowly the dial picks speed. Whoever falls down will get eliminated.

Everybody played wonderfully and final battle came between Priyanka and Arjun. The dial picked up speed and then Priyanka fell down hard on the block. All of the housemates came to check her and she was fine. In this game Arjun won the task.

Collect The Flowers

In this task, there are different flowers kept in the activity room. When the buzzer rings the housemates have to run into the activity room and get the flowers and collect them and by the end of the buzzer whoever has more flowers will win the task. In this task Prashanth collected more flowers and won the task.

At the end of the task, Shobha and Shivaji were the least. So bigg boss said that they have to give their flowers to someone in the house. Then they both decided that they will give their flowers to Amar.

Many more interesting things are going to happen in the house. Stay tuned for more updates.

Grab The Balls Task

In this task, there is a ball kept in the center and the housemates have to drag the ball with the ring. Whoever gets the ball first will get more points.

In this game first Arjun won the task, second Prashanth, Yawar, and the last battle came between Priyanka and Amar and in this battle Priyanka won the game and Amar came last.

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5 months ago

Bigg Boss.
Y/day’s ie 28.11.2023 bigg boss season telugu 7.
Amardeep worst contestant in this bigg boss season 7… awkward played with Priyanka. ………….should be eliminated from the house.

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