Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 96 Highlights: Bigg Fights In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 96 is here and many interesting things are happening in the house today. Yesterday we have seen Arjun and Amardeep winning some amazing tasks in the house, and there has been a lot of disturbance in the house. So let’s see what happens in the house today.

Amar Vs Arjun For The Voting In The House

Arjun won one game which is ringing the bell and eating the onions in the house within 15mins. Then Amardeep won the cake cutting task. After that everybody thought it would be easy peasy in the house, but as usual Bigg Boss kept the voting appeal for both of them and the housemates have to pick only one of them in the house. As usual Priyanka, and Shobha voted for Amardeep because of their favorism in the house.

Then Shivaji, Yawar, and Prashanth voted for Arjun because he mentioned that that he is already in the bottom and he needs voting appeal and three of them agreed to it as well. Now Amardeep got jealous and said that they are voting for you because they want to get good impression from you. Then yawar said why are you doing drama Amar again and again. Then Amar said that you don’t have any authority to shout at my face.

I am the captain of the house, go and stand there. What does he even think of himself in the house? Is he a dictator or something? This is absolutely reckless from Amardeep in the house and it is going to affect a lot of voting for him. Then Arjun got the voting appeal, and he got complete three minutes to ask for Vote appeal in the house.

Amar Vs Prashanth In The House

Then Bigg Boss gave another interesting task in the house which is there will be jacket which should be weared by the housemates and there are sticky balls as well. They have to take balls and hit with each other on the jacket, by the end of the buzzer whoever jacket has more balls sticked to it will be eliminated. The last guys who stick to the end will win the game.

The game was very interesting and things got really heated up in the house. As Amardeep forced himself upon Prashanth and tried to stick the balls. Then after the buzzer came off, Prashanth said that Amardeep has bit him on his hand and showed the proof. Then Amardeep said that he also did many things which can’t be caught on the camera. Prashanth asked what did he do? Then Amardeep said that don’t make him angry.

Just like the earlier episodes, Amar acted as if he is getting angry on peaks. He said that Prashanth has choked him and said bad words during the duel. The fight on really big in the house, and it is probably the biggest fight of the whole Bigg Boss seasons combined. We are quite sure that Nagarjuna will address this issue, and Amardeep should be warned at all costs. He is losing control, he is playing foul games, he is biting people. There is limit for everything in the house. We have to see what Nagarjuna says and how far this fight goes on the house.

Tomorrow many more interesting tasks are going to happen in the house. Stay tuned for more updates

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