Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 92 Highlights: Tile Breaking Nominations In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 92 is here and yesterday we have seen Ashwadhamma 2.0, that is Gowtham getting eliminated from the house. After that many interesting things have happened in the house. Today is the last of the nominations in the house, and many big fights have happened in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Tile Breaking Nominations In The House

In the Day 92 of the house, the housemates were asked for the last of the nominations by Bigg Boss. As Arjun is already the finalist of the house, he cannot be nominated. A small reminder, even though Amardeep is the captain of the house, he doesn’t have any advantage of nomination. Some big fights have happened in the house today. Especially between SPA batch Vs Spy Batch. They have targeted each other in this game.

In this nominations, the housemates have to imprint the face of the contestant on a tile and keep it in the Get Out section, and break it with a hammer. Arjun nominated Amar and Yawar. Arjun said that Yawar has intentionally thrown away the key during the game, which has caused him his defeat in the house. Then Yawar said that he didn’t do it intentionally at all. A big fight happened between them, especially Yawar kept on shouting that Arjun is blaming him, and there is no strong point for the nomination. Even though Yawar and Arjun have good rapo in the house, as good brothers. Things got really heated up in the house between them.

Another big fight has happened between Amar and Prashanth. Amar is saying that Prashanth is a safe player in the house, and he targets people who nominate him. Then Prashanth countered with from first day onwards, Amar has bad impression from day one onwards, because of him he has suffered a lot. Then Amardeep threw away the hammer, and said that he won’t nominate and told Bigg Boss to send him away and give the cup to Prashanth. They almost came face to face, and squared up as well. But as we have mentioned above it is SPA Batch Vs Spy Batch.  They both are battling to prove that their group is far more superior than others.

The shocker was delivered by Priyanka in this nominations. She has nominated Amardeep for the first ever time in this season, and literally it was a shocker. But it felt like, she is playing a safe game by showing that she is playing the individual game in the house. Especially Nagarjuna kept on saying that she is supporting Amar and Shobha way too much in the house. That’s why to prove to the audience that she is an individual she nominated him. It may be a strategy as well.

Even Shobha, Prashanth, Priyanka and Shivaji had also bigger fights in the house. Especially Shivaji said that Priyanka and Shobha are supporting Amar even though he is playing foul game in the house. He also told that they don’t need to play the oversmart game in the house, and people are watching them in the house.

Even Arjun nominated Amardeep saying that he is tired of telling him from day one to stop playing the foul game in the house. Even though he kept on saying every week to Nagarjuna that he won’t play any foul game, he kept on playing and it will bring a bad impression to the house and to the audience as well.

That’s what has happened in the house today. Except Arjun, everybody are in the nominations. The Voting lines are open in the house, so keep voting for your favorite contestants, and there is also a rumor going on around the internet that is there might be a midweek elimination in the house

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5 months ago

Coming to ” it looked it was all planned”yes, Biggboss management is supporting the neagtive person Shobha all the way, even in the recent weekend episode, Nagarjuna told the last 2 contestants are chosen based on the lowest votes they received that week, giving indication to Shobha that she is the last in audience votes count and to hint her to use this information to escape eviction in coming week. That could have let them plan this fake quarrel to deceive viewersLike some articles (not just comments) called her villain and negative person, Shobha is very repulsive with rudeness towards others to say the least.Once BiggBoss Host told that last 2 contestants not yet saved in the week from eviction are the lowest voted contestants, this Shobha negativity became even more.Consider this: Shobha last week was commenting that PallaviPrashanth is not worried about elimination. Once Shobha came to know she is the lest voted contestant now, Her negative disgusting behavior continued and she quarelled with PallaviPrashanth and made hateful comments telling Stop your Drama!As evident from audience giving lowest votes to Shobha, She is the worst pathetic negative drama person among all the contestants now, somehow BiggBoss kept saving her even removing her name from nominated persons list when she received elimination nomination by house members

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