Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 93 Highlights: Some Fun Tasks In The House for Voting Appeal

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 93 is here and many interesting things are happening in the house. Yesterday we have seen some heated nominations in the house, and things went to far away between Amar and Prashanth, and they are not talking to each other right now. It looks really bad between them, and we have to see what Nagarjuna will say about this incident during the next Saturday episode in the house. Now today as well, many interesting things have happened in the house. Let’s see them now.

Intense Discussions Between The Contestants

After the nominations were done, Prashanth and Amar came face to face again. They kept shouting at each other again, and they literally gave each other a warning in the house.

Things are really not good between Prashanth and Amar now. Literally Amar has made all of this on his own, by calling him some things which shouldn’t be said on the big screen.

Fun Tasks In The House

Then Bigg Boss called Amardeep into the activity room, and asked him what will he do if he gets to do a party. Then Amardeep said that he will drink, eat some snacks, and others. Then Bigg Boss said that there is a cake in front of him, and he has to eat all of it in 15mins. Then Amardeep sat down and started eating the cake, but he couldn’t complete it because there was too much cake. It was an fun task, and even Bigg Boss asked what is cake is called in Telugu. It was really a fun task, and the housemates and the audience have definitely loved it as well.

Pool Task

Then Bigg Boss gave another interesting task which is Bigg Boss will play a song in the house, and the housemates have to run towards the pool and jump into it.

Whoever gets into the pool last, will get eliminated from the game. In this game, the winner was Yawar, and the runner up was Shivaji. Yawar will soon get a chance for vote appeal, but there will be a twist in the tale which will be revealed soon.

Big Fight Between Shobha, Priyanka and Amar

As the housemates were chilling down, Amar, Shoba, and Priyanka were playing with each other. Like they were hitting each other playfully in the house. Then Priyanka hit Amardeep with a pillow laughingly then Amardeep got angry and threw away her teddy bear.

Then Shobha and Priyanka got up and walked away, and they had big arguments just like school kids. Literally it looked it was all planned, and they were trying to show to audience that they are playing individually in the house.

Tomorrow more interesting tasks are going to happen, and whoever wins gets the voting appeal chance. But there will be twists for sure. Stay tuned for more updates in the house.

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