Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 20 Highlights: Shobha Shetty Is The Third Confirmed Housemate

Bigg Boss Telugu has entered into the third week and this week saturday came in a jiffy. It is just feeling like Shakeela was eliminated yesterday and now the saturday is here and there is tension in the house on who will become the third housemate of the house and what will Nagarjuna talk to the housemates regarding their performances and how will the dynamics of the game in this week. Let’s see what happened in the house today.

Shobha Shetty Confirmed Housemate

Nagarjuna gave an amazing entry with an amazing song in the house. It was fab and immediately without wasting any time. Nag sir opened the Mana TV and interacted with the housemates. Nag talked about Priyanka’s new hair cut and also gave a slight warning to Amardeep to play the game for himself not for others. Nag sir also told yawar think with brain and don’t get angry too much for losing the game.

Then the main moment of the house came between Priyanka Jain and Shobha Shetty. In this game, Nagarjuna called two contenders to the front.Then after a bit of suspense and thrill, Nagarjuna has announced Shobha Shetty is the third confirmed housemate of the house. The minor difference between Shobha Shetty and Priyanka Jain in the bull game was just 12 seconds. Priyanka came close again and yet so far from becoming the housemate.

Sandeep Master Loses The Power

After the announcement, Nagarjuna talked to Sandeep Master. Nag sir whether Sandeep was talking as a sanchalak or was he giving his personal opinion in the game. Then Sandeep said that he was confused and he didnt’ know what to do as a sanchalak. Then Nagarjuna asked the housemates on how many aren’t happy with his decision as sanchalak. Majority of the housemates said that they weren’t happy with his decision.

Because of this, Nagarjuna asked the Bigg Boss to reduce the power bar of Sandeep from Green to Yellow. Right now he is in the warning zone and if he fails to play the game failrly. Then he might get into danger.

Game Changer Vs Safe Gamer

Then Nagarjuna gave the badges to the housemates and they have to pick who is the Game Changer in the house and who is the Safe Gamer in the house. The majority of the votes came to Yawar as the Game changer for his amazing performance, and Tasty teja got the safe gamer in the house for not being participative in the house and being lazy in the house. He also warned Gowtham to control his anger in the house.

Yawar is safe from the nominations

It was time for saving in the house, then Nagarjuna called all the nominated contenders to the front. After a bit of suspense, Nagarjuna has announced that Yawar is safe from the nominations and praised him to keep up the game and he will win for sure one day.

Damini Eliminated From The House

As per the rumors going around the internet, the eliminated contestant from the house is Damini. If this is true, then we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

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