Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 21 Highlights: Damini Is Eliminated From The Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the final third week and it is Day 21 in the house, and it is one of the most exciting seasons we have seen in the recent times, and the TRP rating is also very good. Yesterday we saw Shobha Shetty is the third confirmed housemate of the house and many more exciting things are going to happen in the house. Let’s see what has happened in the house on this Sunday Funday.

Nagarjuna entered into the Sunday Funday with an amazing song that is Bandha ho song from Jawan and Nag sir entry is very good. Without wasting any time, Nag Sir opened the Mana TV and the housemates welcomed so gracefully the host.

Chitti Prashna Game

Nagarjuna introduced the game called Chitti Prashna. In this game, the housemates have to spin the wheel in the house, and the color on which the needle stops. Nag sir opens the paper and asks the question in the house.

The funny answers in the house were Rathika’s, Teja’s and Shivaji’s. It was a normal game with loads of fun.

RaPo In The House

As a part of the promotions of the movie Skanda, RaP0 came to the house and promoted the house. They played the game that is Faceoff. In this game, the house is divided into team Skanda and Ismart.

Whoever gets the top marks in the game will be the winner. In this game, Team Skanda won the game and the host and RaPo congratulated them.

Damini Is Eliminated From The House

The last elimination was between the Subha sree and Damini. The Green and Red light game again, and in this game Green was given to Subha Sree and Damini was given the Red light, and she was eliminated from the house.

Tomorrow there will be intense nominations in the house, and it is going to be interesting because three guys have already got the immunity so we have to see who will fight for the immunity and who will be in the nominations. Let’s hope that the fourth week remains as thrilling as ever. That’s it for Sunday Funday, and let’s meet tomorrow for more highlights

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