Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Episode 6 Day 5 Highlights: Shakeela Gets Panic Attack

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 show is getting picked up slowly with each coming day. The first two days were a little boring in the house but now the pace has picked up in the house with some new fights and arguments and a bit of action from the senior people. The latest episode is that in the new task, even though it wasn’t a big fight but some arguments happened in the house. But finally Bigg Boss had the upper hand in the game. Now let’s see what happened in the house exactly.

Damini’s Failure In The Task

The first important highlight of the show was Damini. Bigg Boss called Damini and Kiran into the confession room and gave them a task. They have to break an egg on somebody’s head and then make an omelet with it and present it to Bigg boss.

During this task Kiran did the task successfully, but Damini failed to do it. To escape from this task, Shivaji and Rathika hid themselves in the bathroom itself. But Bigg boss called them back and they came back to the hall.

Rathika and Shivaji Win The Task

On the other hand, As a part of Impress the Bigg Boss task game. Rathika and Shivaji won the task and this was announced by Bigg Boss himself. Everybody in the house were shocked with this announcement. they were like even though Rathika didn’t do anything how did she win the task. On the other hand Rathika said that Pallavi Prashanth is like her brother and she confessed the same to him as well.

Shakeela’s Panic Attack

To scare Teja in the house, Shakeela made a master plan. She acted as if she has got Panic attack. Then the housemates became really worried thinking what happened to Shakeela and they kept on requesting Bigg Boss to send the doctors immediately. Everyone were so scared because of this panic attack.

Then seeing the situation getting tensed in the house. Shakeela said that she acted just to scare Teja in the house. On the other hand, Rathika made it very clear in the house that she likes Pallavi Prashanth as a person in the house, and she doesn’t have any feelings for him at all.

So Close Yet So Far

On the other hand, Face the beast challenge winners were Priyanka and Sandeep, and Impress theĀ  Bigg Boss task winners were Rathika and Shivaji. Now they will fight for Power Astra. Then Bigg Boss gave a power to housmates to select who is not eligible for this game. It was dead clear that Rathika became the target in the house. She was nominated by most of the members in the house.

The housemates aren’t thinking that might be a plus point for Rathika in the coming days. Let’s see what happens in the house in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates

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