Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 6 Highlights: The First Weekend With Nagarjuna

The first weekend of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is here and as usually Saturday episode is for review of the game played by the audience. Nagarjuna gave a grand entrance with the trending song from Jawan that is Ramiaya Vastavaya.

This is one of the best entries of Nagarjuna as well. Immediately after the song was done, Nagarjuna interacted with the audience and took their review of the house. Then immediately the focus was shifted to MaNa Tv

Yawar and Subhasree’s little fight

During the dinner time, Yawar called someone fat(Moti) in the house. Subhasree didn’t like that and she said that he doesnt have any right to call somebody like that. Then Yawar replied that he was just saying it casually but still Subasree didn’t like the comment. She said that he doesnt have any authority to show the attitude like that. Then Yawar replied that his attitude is like that only and he also said that this is all useless. Then Subhasree didn’t like that as well and argued with him fo a while. Then Kiran came in between and calmed things down between them and finally they hugged each other.

Nagarjuna calls Yawar Useless Fellow

After the previous episode was done, Nagarjuna talked to the housemates in the house. they welcomed him with a loud cheer. Then Nagarjuna praised Shakeela and Shivaji for their amazing performance in the house. Then immediately Nagarjuna said Useless fellow then Subhasree stood up. Then Nagarjuna said ‘ Why are you standing up. I didn’t call you?’ Then Yawar understood the situation and stood up.

He said that he didn’t have any bad intention behind that. Even Nagarjuna understood it and told Yawar to control his words. As this is just one week, it will take more time for the fellow housemates to talk that much freely.

Audience Score To The Housemates

In the first week of the house, audience observed the housemates a lot and they gave scores to the housemates. The contestant who got the highest marks is Rathika, She got 80/100 from the audience.

Even Nagarjuna praised her for her amazing analytical thinking during the task in the activity room. The least marks were for 50 out of 100. Nagarjuna told Kiran to talk only in Teluug from now onwards.

Sandeep Master Wins The Immunity Task

Nagarjuna mentioned about the Power Astra in the house. For this Sandeep Master and Priyanka Jain are eligible. The winner will get five weeks of immunity and he will also become the first housemate of the house. The task was quite simple, there is a see-saw in the room and the contestants have to stand on either ends and put balls in the bucket. The contestants are given 7mins of time to finish the task. Then Sandeep Master won the task with huge majority and got 5 weeks of immunity as well.

Kiran Rathore Eliminated

First there was rumor that no one was getting eliminated from the house. But the management took the last minute decision and as per the report, Kiran Rathore got eliminated. Let’s wait for more updates tomorrow with Sunday episode. Stay tuned

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