Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Episode 31 Highlights (Oct 05, 2021)

Episode 31 Day 30 Highlights of Big Boss 5 Telugu

Group wars Begins

Group wars started in Bigg Boss House. Siri Hanumanth, Jessi and Shanmukh became one group. They all together defending them from all the Contestants. Becuase of clash with Captain Sreeramachandra, Siri, Jessi and Shanmukh didn’t eat food.

As they didn’t eat, Sreeramachandra and Hamida also didn’t ate.

Captancy Task Started

Kajal tried to Provoke Lobo and Ravi by making jokes. They both got angry on Kajal and Arguments went on between them. Bigg Boss Started Captancy task, Whole Housemates are divided into two kingdoms Ravi and Sunny as their Kings. This task is going to Cotinue in the coming Episode also.

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