Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 20th April 2022 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu OTT- 20th April 2022 Highlights

Big Boss Telugu OTT is one of the popular reality shows and the show is getting interesting in each and every day with new twists and turns and wild card entries appearing out of nowhere.

After-Effects of Baba Bhaskar’s Entry

As Baba Bhaskar entered into the face many housemates felt that the equation in the house has changed a bit. Especially Natraj, Akhil, Ashu Reddy and Ajay felt that Baba’s entry is not going to help the housemates.

On the other hand Akhil is not happy with Ajay because he is not supportive when it comes to the issues with Bindu. He shared about this issue with Natraj Master.

Aliens Vs Humans

Aliens Vs Humans is the new captaincy contenders task happening this week. In this task Aliens are Bindu, Natraj master, Ajay, Hamida and Ariyana. Humans are Akhil, Siva, Anil, Ashu and Mitraww. Baba Bhaskar played as the sanchalak of the task. In this task the Aliens have to paint Humans Palms and Humans have to grab Aliens life pots. If 3 Aliens are alive by the end of the task then the Aliens will win the task other wise Humans will win the game.

The captaincy task got physical as Akhil and Ajay were in separate teams they got physical and the house had go through a lot of arguments.

Mitraww- The Surprise Package

Mitraww has turned out to be the surprise package. She is a true fighter and a very clever contestant in the game. In order to save herself from the aliens, she jumped into the swimming pool and got injured to her leg but still she didn’t give up and came back to help her team in destroying the life pots of Aliens. She displayed the true fighting spirit in the game.

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