Bigg Boss Season 7 Day 98 Highlights: Shobha Shetty Is Eliminated From The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 98 is here and today is the Sunday Funday in the house, and Nagarjuna gave a grand entry into the house with an amazing song and he is looking dapper in a yellow t-shirt. Immediately, Nagarjuna opened the MaNa TV and then asked all the housemates to come to the activity room. There they revealed the second finalist in the Bigg Boss show. Then it was decided that Priyanka is the second finalist in the house.

Then Nagarjuna asked Priyanka to open the red cloth. There was a wheel in the house, and there are 14 weeks in the house. The contestants have to choose the week and say which week they are regretting a lot in the house.

  • Priyanka regretted the week 7 in the house, and she said she felt bad about losing control while debating with Bhole Shavali.
  • Arjun regretted the week 13, he said that even though he won the game of the finale Astra, he regretted that audience hasn’t supported him and he felt bad about it.
  • Shobha regretted the week 9, she said that during the captaincy contender task, she called Yawar a mad fellow. Because of her aggressiveness and not playing the game properly, that’s why she regretted that week
  • Amar regretted the week 14 because he shouted madly at Prashanth. He is feeling very sad about it. Then Nagarjuna kept a small test for Amardeep, then Priyanka brought a pen and paper for Amardeep. He has to write Samarasyanga untanu on the paper.
  • Then Yawar said that he regretted the week 1, week 11 because of giving away the eviction pass. Then week 13, he didn’t win the finale astra, and week 14 because of his worst behavior in the house. The happiest moment for him is the week 6 when he became the captain
  • Then Prashanth said that he regretted the week 14, that he brought the coffee only for Shivaji
  • Then Shivaji said that he regretted the week 14, because he has used some bad words on the girls. He had regretted it very badly.

Memes In The House

Then Nagarjuna showed the memes in the house to all the housemates to make them happy. Then the housemates were shown Memes in the house, and they laughed really hard in the house. Then the housemates have to dedicate the meme to each other. It was really a fun segment in the house.

In this session, Amar became the meme material in the house. He got most number of memes in the house. In this process, Priyanka revealed that Yawar is the next finalist of the Bigg Boss house.

After this the housemates played Dumb Charades in the house, and whenever the housemates guess the right one there will be a poster dedicated to the housemates. Arjun got Baahubali poster, Priyanka got Mahanati poster, Shobbha got Chandramukhi poster, Prashanth got Aparichithudu poster, Yawar got Temper poster, Amar got Ghajini poster, Shivaji got Pedarayudu poster.

Then Priyanka, and Yawar revealed the next finalist, and that is Amardeep.

Then Nagarjuna asked what qualities did housemates liked in each other.

  • Amardeep liked Prashanth for playing the game wonderfully, and also Arjun for not playing the foul game at all.
  • Yawar learnt patience from Shivaji.
  • Priyanka learnt how to not get caught while playing foul game from Amar
  • Arjun learnt many different things from different housemates
  • Shobha didn’t learn anything from the housemates
  • Yawar learnt how to respect food from Yawar
  • Prashanth learnt how to smile during the tough times from Shivaji

After this Keeravani came onto the stage, Nagarjuna revealed that Keeravani is the music director for his upcoming movie. During this segment, Prashanth was declared as the finalist in the house.

Shobha Shetty Got Eliminated From The House

In the last segment, to know who is the last finalist in the house. There was a thambola like ticket in the activity room. Then Nagarjuna will call out numbers in the house, and whoever has all numbers will be the finalist in the house. Shivaji got all the numbers and he became the last finalist in the house, and Shobha shetty got eliminated from the house.

That’s it from today’s Sunday Funday Episode, next week is the finale week. Keep voting for your favorite contestants and help them to win the Bigg Boss title along with the prize money. Stay tuned for more updates

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