Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 99 Highlights: Finale Week Celebrations In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 99 is here, and it is the finale week in the house. Yesterday we have seen Shobha Shetty getting eliminated from the house, and there are remaining top 6 in the house. there are rumors going around the internet and the social media that there might be a mid week elimination in the house. So things are going to get interesting and engaging at the same time. We all know that there will be not much activity in the house during the finale week.

Bigg Boss Shows Amardeep AV To him

Then Bigg Boss arranged everything beautifully in the garden area with a lot of photos, props, and other important things of the contestants. First Amardeep was called into the garden area, and the setup was fantastic, it was Christmas setup, and it was snowing and it was really beautiful. There were many beautiful photos of Amardeep in the house, and Amardeep felt very happy after watching the photos.

Then Bigg Boss called Amardeep into the activity room, and showed him his AV. The AV was fantastic and the editing team has made sure that they capture good moments of Amardeep in the house and present it beautifully in the house. Bigg Boss said that person who learns from mistakes is the greatest and Amardeep has learnt it better than anyone else. Amardeep felt very emotional in the house.

Bigg Boss Shows Arjun’s AV To Him

Then Bigg Boss arranged everything wonderfully for Arjun and then called him to the garden area. There were lot of photos of him and his wife, sharing some amazing moments in the house. Things got really emotional for Arjun. Then he was called into the activity room.

Bigg Boss praised Arjun a lot, Bigg Boss said that right from day one onwards Arjun has been the most focused guy in the house, and even though he didn’t talk much in the house. He made sure that his action speak louder than his words, and he proved it that with sheer focus, we can win anything.

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