Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 22 Highlights: Nominations In The Court Of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has entered into the Day 22 of the house, and it is the fourth week and we already know that the third housemate of the house is Shobha Shetty and yesterday we have seen Damini getting eliminated from the house. Priyanka felt very emotional after Damini left the house, she said that she has an emotional bond with her. After that the house went back to normal and today is the nominations day in the house. Now we have to see what will happen in the house because this is going to be the most interesting nominations for this week.

Nominations In The Court Of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss came up with an interesting nominations this time. This is the court of Bigg Boss and there will be three judges in the house and those three judges are Shivaji, Sandeep, and Shobha Shetty.

The remaining contestants have to nominate two people by bringing two people into the guilty bone and they have to give valid reasons for the nominations. If the judges like the reason for the nominations then the contestant will be nominated otherwise, the judges will disagree with the nominations and the contestants will be safe from this.

Highlights Of The Nominations

Prince Yawar nominated Priyanka and tasty teja. Prince Yawar picked up the feminism topic between Priyanka, Shobha Shetty and himself. He said because he is a strong male guy that’s why they put him aside showing the feminism side in the house. Shobha Shetty didn’t like the point, even Priyanka didn’t like the point. They argued on the topic for a while and Shobha Shetty was determined that she wouldn’t give any opportunity for Yawar this time. Even Yawar was strong in his points. Finally the judges have decided that it isn’t the point. In the Tasty Teja nomination, Prince Yawar said that Teja is physically not good and not performing physical tasks in the house. They both had an argument and judges decided that it is the right point only.

Subhasree nominated Rathika And Amardeep

Contestants in the nominations, and they are: Gautham, Yawar, Subhasree, Teja, Rathika, and Priyanka.

In ths list, Subhasree and Gautham got 2 votes and the majority of the votes were for Teja for not participating in the tasks and not participating in the physical tasks.

Prince Vs Gautham. The major highlights of the nominations was Prince and Gautham. Gautham nominated Yawar and said that he didn’t like his attitude and he is show off in the house. Then Prince also countered back that he is here to show his attitude in the house only. Then the debate went haywire and they almost came close to hitting each other. It was like, they were so close to hit eachother. Then Judge Shivaji took up the hold and sent Yawar back by scolding him. It was a great move by Shivaji.

Shivaji As The Top Judge

In all of the three judges in the house, Shivaji was the mastermind and his thought process and his way of asking the questions and his way of handling the situation was the highlight of the nominations and he remained as the standout judge in all of them.

Now we have to see what will happen by the weekend, because this time, there are some tough competitors in the nominations. Let’s see what happens, until then see you tomorrow.

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