Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 43 Highlights: Sivaji Out Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 43 is here adn this is the 8th week in the house and many interesting things are happening in the house. Yesterday we have seen Nayani Pavani being eliminated from the house and after that many interesting and shocking things have happened in the house. We will give you a spoiler, Shivaji is out of the house. Let’s see what happens in the house today.

Break The Pot Nominations In The House

Just like the previous year nominations, this season 7 nominations are also quite similar, and it is Break the Pot nominations. Yes, the contestants have to keep the pot on top of a doll or something and then nominate the contestant and break the pot right in front of their face. The contestants were asked to come to the garden area, and many interesting things have happened during this time. Before the nominations began in the house, Bigg Boss called Shivaji into the confession room.

Then everybody thought that there would be a secret task or something like that. But no, Bigg Boss said that shivaji has to go out of the house. Then Shivaji accepted Bigg Boss’s decision and stood in the garden area and declared that he is going out of the house. The contestants tried to stop him because there was an emotional bond between Shivaji and all the housemates. Even Prashanth cried, Shobha Shetty cried, Yawar cried for Shivaji but he had to go and he went out of the door calmly and happily.

But after half an hour he came back to the house. He just went out to do a check up for his hand which has been troubling him a lot from the past two weeks and Bigg Boss suggested for a better care. He came with a big plaster on his hand and it was advised that he needs to give some more rest to the hand.

Nominations Process

As the captain of the house Yawar cannot be nominated in the house. In the nominations of the house, Bhole Shavali got highest number of nominations for being weak and not participating in the house properly.

Big fights have happened between Sandeep and Prashanth, and Teja and Shobha, and Bhole and Shobha, Ashwini and Pooja had big arguments in the house. As the nominations went way for in the night. The episode will be divided into two parts, so stay tuned for more heated arguments and more pot breaking nominations in the house. Stay tuned for more updates

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