Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 42 Highlights: Nayani Pavani Is Out Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 42 is here and Sunday Funday is here and many interesting things have happened in the house and yesterday we have seen three former contestants Subhasree, Rathika, and Damini and today there have been many things again in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house, and today is the Sunday Funday of the house. Let’s check out more details.

Vote For The Three

In the house, the housemates have to vote for three members and the majority of the votes which came for the previous housemate will come back to the house.

The housemates have voted for the three and the results will be declared very soon in the house. As per our rumors, it is Subhasree who got into the house.

Karela Shot Yes And No

In this game Nagarjuna will ask two questions regarding each housemate. If the majority of the answer is opposite to the question asked by Nagarjuna then they have to take the sour Karela shot in the house and this was a funny game yet and interesting game as well but it made housemates what their strengths and weaknesses are in the house. It is made them to know what their strengths and work on themselves as well.

In the process, Shobha, Teja, and Amar got safe from the nominations, and the remaining Nayani, Ashwini, and Pooja murthy. Who will get eliminated from the house.

Anil Ravipudi And Sree Leela In The House

Anil Ravipudi gave his reviews in the house, and it was funny and interesting in the house. Anil said Teja is his junior in the college, and calls Priyanka cute in the house. But the highlight was Shobha Shetty and Sree Leela talking Kannada in the house and Bhole Shavali sang a song for Sree Leela which was quite instantaneous.

Yawar said a dialogue of Nagarjuna and he has improved a lot in speaking Telugu. After that Sree Leela and Anil Ravipudi left the house. In the process of this game and fun, Pooja Murthy was saved and the last came down between Ashwini and Nayani Pavani. Let’s see who gets eliminated from the house.

There was a small game between the elimination, like the house was divided into two parts and they have to guess the song in the house and whichever teams most number of answers right will get the luxury budget in the house.

Nayani Pavani Out Of The House

The last elimination came down between Nayani and Ashwini. In the activity room, there was a fish bowl for both of them, and there was yellow liquid in it. There were two bottles as well. First, both of them poured the number one bottle into the yellow liquid and it turned red. Nagarjuna built some that there might be a double elimination in the house. Then they poured number two bottle into the red liquid, Ashwini’s bowl turned green and Nayani Pavani’s bowl remained red and she is eliminated from the house.

It is said that she was very emotional during the elimination and cried for a very long time on stage and during Bigg Boss Buzz Interview. We wish her best of luck for her future endeavors.

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