Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 40 Highlights: Yawar is The Second Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 40 is here and the things will and get better in the house for sure. Yesterday we have seen the tie between Aatagaalu and Potugaalu. The game is on with 3 and 3 and we have to see whether Bigg Boss will keep a tie breaker game or who will be the captaincy contenders in the house. Many more things are going to happen in the house today. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Priyanka In Tears

Already there have been lot of discussions in the house regarding the lack of food in the house. There have been a lot of discussions and they tried to sustain the food also. But nobody was listening to nobody and they kept on eating the food without limit. Now finally when there is no food in the house, they started blaming Priyanka for not taking care of the Ration in the house. Then Priyanka said that Yawar was eating the food and when she complained about this to him. He said that he will convey it to Bigg Boss and stop one time meal in the house.

Everybody blamed her in the house and she felt very sad in the house and cried. She said that it is not her house, this is Bigg Boss house and she can’t take care of everyone in the house. She is tired of doing the work without any break in the house.

The Tie-Breaker- Who Is The Best

To decide who is the real winner in the house, Bigg Boss gave the last task to the housemates which is Who is the best in the house. In this contest, Aatagaalu Vs Potugaalu and they have to play the Rugby game in the house. Whoever scores more goals by the time ends will be the best in the house.

The game went on very physically and things have been rusty and some injuries have also happened in the house. Some heated arguments, some heated discussions have also happened in the house. Then Ashwini and Pooja had some heated arguments and they literally shouted at each other in the house. Finally after the intense battle in the house. It was Aatagaalu who have won the task and became the best in the task and they have proved themselves to the best.

Yawar Is The Captain In The House

In this new captaincy contenders game, Aatagaalu became the contenders for captaincy. They have tie ballons around their waist. But here is the thrill, they have to pick who is the undeserving for captaincy. A buzzer will ring and Potugaalu have to take the needle first and they have to select the contestant they have to give the needle to one Aatagadu. Then everyone gave their opinions and popped the ballons with the needles of each other. The tense moments came between Teja, Amar, and Yawar. Then it was Teja’s turn to pick who is undeserving as a captain. Without any hesitation in the house, Teja popped Amar’s ballon and he was devastated. He didn’t expect this twist at all.

Then the last game came between two people Teja and Yawar. Then it was Nayani Pavani’s turn to pick the captain of the house. Then she thought about for a while popped Teja’s ballon and that’s how Yawar became the housemate in the house. He earned it, he worked hard for it, and he became the captain of the house.

Tomorrow many more interesting things in the house. Because Nagarjuna will come to the house and there will be review in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house.

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