Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Day 41 Highlights: Subhasree Is Back In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Day 41 is here and this time this is Saturday and Nagarjuna is in the house and yesterday we have seen Yawar becoming the second captain of the house and things are getting quite heated in the house. There are politics running in the house, and know we have to see what will happen in the house. Let’s get into the episode details.

Teja and Shobha Go To A Date

In the Friday episode, there was a interesting task in the house. The girls have to kiss the T-Shirt and the boys should guess whose lipstick is that. Whoever guesses the right answer will get a date with them. Most of them tried in the house, but it was Teja in the house who guessed the right answer and he got a date with Shobha and they had spent a good time together with romantic dances and songs.

Nagarjuna’s Review In The House

In the very first beginning of the MaNa Tv, Nagarjuna lauded Amar is amazing in his gameplay, and he wants him to improve more in his game, and he wants his 100%. Then the main topic Yawar’s Attitude has changed in the house, after becoming the captain of the house.

Then Nagarjuna discussed about Yawar being rude to Amar and Sandeep. Then yawar gave clarification to the house and Nagarjuna that he wants to be a strict captain and nothing more, and even though there were so many complaints in the house about him but he wants to be a good and strict captain of the house. Nagarjuna said that don’t be a dictator but be a good captain in the house.

Aimless, Brainless, and Useless

In the house, Nagarjuna asked the house to pick who is the Aimless, Brainless, and Useless.

  • Arjun gave Aimless to Bhole Shavali
  • Bhole Shavali gave Brainless to Arjun
  • Gautham gave Brainless to Amar. Gautham said that it was funny, when he guessed the answers in Who is The Genius and it was really funny, and Priyanka told that Gautham’s attitude has also changed.
  • Nayani gave Brainless to Ashwini because she isn’t able to understand the tasks and not the situations in the house.
  • Ashwini gave Useless to Nayani. It was like a tit-for-tat. It looked a bit silly.
  • Shivaji gave Brainless to Amar and explained the IQ game blunder and it was so funny in the house.
  • Pooja gave Brainless to Ashwini for not understanding the situation in that. Then Nagarjuna conducted Arm Wrestling between Ashwini and Pooja. It was a Best of 3 contest, and it was proved that Ashwini is the strongest in the house.
  • Prashanth gave Brainless to Teja.
  • Then Teja gave Brainless to Shobha Shetty for shouting at him and the whole house again.
  • Then Shobha Shetty gave Brainless to Ashwini for not understanding the situation in the house.
  • Priyanka gave Aimless to Bhole Shavali.
  • Yawar gave Brainless to Amar regarding the fight situation in the house between them.
  • Sandeep Master gave Aimless to Bhole Shavali
  • Amar gave Brainless to Bhole Shavali

Now Bhole has to show the house that he has the aim, and Amar, Ashwini has to show that have Brain in the house.

Subhashree, Rathika, and Damini Back In the House

In the Bigg Boss house, Nagarjuna gave another twist in the house. Subhasree, Rathika and Damini are back in the house and they have to stay in the garden house and ask the housemates to vote for them, and whoever gets maximum number of votes will win and get back into the house. They gave their voting appeal and the housemates picked Subhasree to come back into the house. That’s how Subhasree came back into the house. But Bigg Boss will decide when she will come back into the house. Let’s see what happens.

Tomorrow is going to be more interesting as there will be an elimination in the house. As per our rumors, It is Nayani Pavani who got eliminated. Stay tuned for more updates.

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