Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 45 Highlights: Gulabi Vs Jilebi

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 45 is here and many interesting things are happening in the house. Yesterday we have seen some interesting and heated nominations and especially Bhole Shavali using bad words in the house wasn’t even accepted by Bigg Boss himself. Bigg Boss warned him and said that if he uses bad words again then they have to take serious upon him. Other highlight is Goutham doing the most silliest nomination we have ever seen. He said that Shivaji isn’t playing the game properly. But he should know that Shivaji’s condition isn’t good at all and that’s why Bigg Boss sent him out for scanning. Let’s see what happened in the house.

Gulabi Vs Jilebi.

The house is divided into two teams and that is Gulabi Puram and Jilebi Puram. This is an entertainment task, and different roles are given to the housemates. In this game, Shivaji is the President of both the Gulabipuram and Jilebi Puram. Shobha Shetty is the Sapranch of the Gulabi Puram, and Teja is her ex-husband, and ex-sarpanch in the house.

Amar is the tea shop guy who gossips a lot, Yawar is a NRI who is looking to marry a telugu girl. Pooja Murthy is a Telugu girl who is in love with Arjun’s Character. Gowtham is a Road Side Romeo and he has a crush on Shobha Shetty’s role.

In the Jilebi Puram team, there are Priyanka who is the sarpanch of the Jilebi Puram. Arjun is the Gunda of the Jilebi Puram, and Prashanth is his assistant. Bhole Shavali is an astrologer who is always meditating and he has to talk only when others take to him. Ashwini is the hot talk of the town, and she is the beautiful girl of the town, and many boys rome around her in the house. Sandeep Master is the pan shop guy who shares gossips in the house.

The Fun Task

The Task began in the house, and everybody got into their characters. There were some fun moments, fun gossips, and interesting character play by the housemates. But in the village of Gulabi and Jilebi Puram, Aliens have landed in the village, and the village people have to impress the aliens. For that they need to do the tasks. Whoever impresses the aliens will become the captaincy contenders in the house.

Balancing The Egg In The Task

Bigg Boss gave an interesting task in the house which is both the team members have to take an egg and balance it on the roller plate. They have to cross the hurdles which are kept in the middle and at every hurdle another team mate waits for them. Whoever reaches the activity room and collects more number of eggs without dropping them will win the task. In this task, Jilebi Puram members have won the task.

Many more interesting things have happened in the house. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates, and make sure that you vote for your favorite contestants from elimination.

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