Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 46 Highlights: More Interesting Tasks In The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 46 is here and this season is turning out to be the best season till now over the last few episodes and even though there have been a little restrictions but still Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 has become the best in terms of the TRP and entertaining as well. Yesterday we have seen Gulabipuram and Jilebipuram and the characters have been giving to the housemates and it looked fun and interesting at the same time. Now let’s see what has happened in the house today.

More Fun In The House By The Characters

Right after the morning song, the housemates got quickly into their character and the had fun. Teja wore a white kurti and kept on saying in the house that it was the first night day with his wife and he created quite some fun with that.

Even Goutham, Amar, Shivaji, Prashanth, Priyanka performed exceptionally well with their characters and they generated a lot of fun in the house for the first few hours. But now the housemates have to focus on the tasks ahead of them.

Find the Treasure for the spaceship

Under the water, there is a treasure box and one contestant from each group has to dive into the water and open the treasure with the keys given by the fellow contestants. There are a lot of keys in the pit and they have to try each combination to open the treasure.

It was a tough contestant between Gulabi and jilebi puram and first Gulabi Puram team opened the treasure, but Sandeep master blocked it and took out the Green cloth which was allotted to the Jilebi Puram and gave it to Priyanka. Then Priyanka kept it in the zone and they have won the task with ease.

Connect The Correct Wire To The House

In the next task, Bigg Boss gave another interesting task in the house. There are bunch of wires which are tied in a unique way and they have to take out the wire and connect in the correct spot. Whoever connects first will win the task. In this game, Prashanth and Goutham participated and it was really an interesting task.

Goutham has showed his instincts and won the game for his team and finally Gulabi puram team has one won the task. Tomorrow we are going to have captaincy contenders task and captaincy selection as well. Let’s see what happens in the house tomorrow.

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