Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 47 Highlights: Ambati Arjun Is The New Captain Of The House

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 47 is here and yesterday we have seen that the Aliens have went away from the house and the game has been won the Jilebipuram team and they have a higher chance of becoming the captaincy contenders in the game.

The tasks were interesting, the fun was crazy, and many other interesting have happened in the house. Let’s see what happened in the house today. Let us assure you things will get heated, emotional, tricky, and fun as well. Let’s get into the episode now.

Elimination For The Captain

Bigg Boss asked both the team members to stand in the garden area. Now here comes the thrill, the Gulabi Puram the team who have lost the game have to pick the suitable captain from the Jilebi Puram. As Shivaji is playing on both sides, he can be picked as well. There is a drowned ship in the swimming pool, and the Gulabi Puram team have to pick a chain with a photo of each contestant from Jilebi Puram. They have to drown the chain who they want to eliminate.

The highlights of this elimination were Shobha Shetty and Ashwini debate. It is clearly seen that Shobha Shetty doesn’t like Ashwini at all. The other highlight is Prashanth’s nonsense talk again. No matter what happens whether it is nominations or this type of eliminations, he keeps on blabbering.

Another highlight of the elimination was Amar eliminating Shivaji from the game. Shivaji felt emotional after that. Finally Arjun was the only one left in the team and he became the captaincy contender, and the best player from the Gulabi Puram is Sandeep Master and he became the captaincy contender.

Shivaji Emotional In The Bigg Boss House

Shivaji was called into the confession room, and Bigg Boss asked how he was doing in the house. Then he said that his hand is paining a lot, and he felt sad that the housemates are indirectly poking at him that he is not eligible to play the game, and he is weak by the housemates. He said that he isn’t able to cry in front of them. That’s why he cried in the confession room. It was really an emotional moment in the house.

Arjun Is The New Captain Of The House

In the captaincy task, the Arjun and Sandeep’s eyes were blindfolded, and they have to pick up the letters from the pile and keep it as Captain in the puzzle.The housemates can help them, whoever does it first wins the game and becomes the Captain of the house. The game was really good and interesting, and finally Arjun became the captain of the house.

Omkar and team in the house for Promotions

Omkar’s new web series Mansion 24 has started streaming on Hotstar. Omkar, Varalakshmi Sarathkuma, and Avika Gor have come to the house, and they have been entertained by the housemates and they wished the housemates all the best for their upcoming days.

Tomorrow there is going to be an review episode by Nagarjuna and Sunday it is going to be Dussehra Sunday episode and the episode will be beginning at 6PM on Sunday.

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