Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 48 Highlights: Saturday Roast Is Here

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 Day 48 is here and many interesting things are going to happen tonight. Nagarjuna gave a grand entry with a weapon and danced on the Najabhajajajara song from God Father, and after that things went a little heated up in the house. Without wasting anytime more in the house, Nagarjuna opened the MaNa TV in the house.

Nagarjuna Congratulates Arjun

Straightaway Nagarjuna congratulated Arjun for becoming the new captain of the house. He is really impressed with Arjun that he has become the captain of the house within 2 weeks, and after that Nagarjuna asked Yawar to stand up and asked him what did he learn during captaincy in the house. Then yawar replied that he learnt responsibility in the house, and how to handle the house. After that Nagarjuna asked, the house whether Yawar is a reasonable captain or not in the house, then the whole house unanimously said that Yawar is a good captain.

Nagarjuna Pranks Amar, Shobha, and Teja

Then Nagarjuna asked Shobha to stand up, and asked why did she allow Amar to eat the cake which was sent for her. Then Shobha explained that even though she asked everybody and especially Amar not to eat the cake, but they didn’t listen and ate the cake. Then Nagarjuna asked she could have complained to Bigg Boss, but she didn’t say anything to Amar, then Nagarjuna said that they are playing Groupism game.

For this disobedience in the house, they have a punishment. Nagarjuna asked Arjun to get into the storeroom, and get something. Then Arjun brought a cake into the house. On the cake, it was written Well done Amar. Then Nagarjuna said that it is a prank, and lauded Amar for giving his 100% performance in the house and he said that he can improve more in the house, and he can eat the cake now without any problem.

Break The Pot By Nagarjuna

First stuff, Nagarjuna Broke Bhole Shavali’s Pot. Nagarjuna said to control his words a bit, even though he may have let the words split out of his mouth, but he liked the way he has apologized to them. But till now, Shobha Shetty hasn’t apologized him whole heartedly, and Nagarjuna applauded Priyanka for taking the stand in the house and fighting against the wrong thing.

Next stuff Nagarjuna broke Prashanth’s pot. Prashanth has put a wrong allegation on Sandeep that he called him a village guy. But in the nominations Sandeep promised on his wife, and his dance that he didn’t say like that. Today Nagarjuna said that Sandeep didn’t say like that, and told Prashanth not to put silly blames on others. Prashanth cried for a moment, and then Nagarjuna said that his father himself came from a village and he should be proud because the village is giving food to the people.

Then Nagarjuna applauded Ashwini for playing the good game in the house, and asked her to control her words a bit as she is using some bad words in English. Then Nagarjuna asked if there is any issue in the house that they want to discuss in the house. Then the captain of the house Arjun stood up and said that they want to know about Shivaji’s health condition, because everyone in the house is thinking that Shivaji is not fit directly or indirectly.

Then Nagarjuna called Shivaji into the confession room, and then asked him about his condition. then Shivaji said that he is unable to properly because of his health condition, then Nagarjuna said that doctors are continuously monitoring his condition and if his problem worsens a lot then Bigg Boss will take the decision. Then Shivaji asked for Physio treatment in the house for him, then Nagarjuna said that he will arrange the Physio for him. Then Nagarjuna said that Shivaji will play with double enthusiasm in the house.

Snakes And Ladders

Then Nagarjuna asked the housemates to play the Snakes and Ladders. Snake is the person who is pulling them down, and Ladder is the person who is taking them up.

  • Ashwini Chose Ladder as Goutham, Snake as Shobha
  • Goutham chose Ladder as Arjun, Snake as Shivaji
  • Shivaji chose Ladder as Yawar, Snake as Amar
  • Amar chose Ladder as Arjun, Snake as Teja
  • Arjun chose Ladder as Goutham, Snake as Shivaji
  • Yawar chose Snake as Goutham,
  • Pooja chose Ladder as Arjun, Snake as Ashwini
  • Priyanka chose Ladder as Shobha, Snake as Ashwini
  • Bhole Shavali chose Ladder as Shivaji, Snake as Shobha
  • Shobha chose Snake as Bhole, Ladder as Priyanka
  • Sandeep chose Ladder as Shobha, Snake as Shivaji
  • Teja chose the ladder as Amar, and Snake as Yawar.
  • Prashanth chose the ladder as Shivaji, and Snake as Pooja

Maximum number of ladders to Arjun And Shivaji. Maximum number of Snakes to Shivaji as well. Nagarjuna will see the housemates tomorrow early at 7PM, and this event is Dussehra Special Event. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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